Embassy Blues

Have you seen my billboard along EDSA?!

Here's a snap shot:

james centrum sa mrt

I knoe you're shocked! eryt?

Okay, it's a joke... Originally, t'was Angel Locsin's Centrum Ad but my brother made me an almost similar kind. He's really good in manipulating and editing pictures using the CS2 and even the CS3 Photoshop. Since it's been my desire having my face flaunted on EDSA, he made this picture!

Dream on! Hehehe...

Okay, at least my brother made it kinda and almost real... Owell, who knows? My face might soon end up hanging in one of those illegal iron structures along EDSA. Hehehe.


Wednesday night, I had an anxiety attack; epi rush, tachycardia, sleeplessness, anguished, and kinda depressed.

Am I in-love?


I was not in-love at "that" time.

So what's the catch?

It was the night before my interview in the US Embassy. I am sooooo pathetic, I knoe! Hehehe...

Since I am not in the mood to write the whole story about what really happened during that "interview" day because I'll be leaving in a while for a blog event in trinoma and I was kinda disappointed in the embassy's new system. So, my appointment time was 1PM, I was asked to arrive about an hour earlier, I was interviewed at 3:15 in the afternoon. Imagine that! It was really tiring waiting in queues, not to mention the humid weather, borborygmi (due to hunger) and I was alone so I was really bored waiting for my turn.

So to cut the story short, she (the consul) gave me the BIG V! Yes, a visa.

Thanks! (If you can read this.)

I think they changed their procedure nao so there were many delays; they nao take your fingerprints with this high-tech scanner and give you a specific number for the interview  like the ones they give you in the mobile phone network centers. So your interview time and appointment number are relatively not important already.

So don't get me wrong, aryt? maybe when they are already used to the new system, I knoe it's better and faster.

So "Embassy Blues" shouldn't really be the title of this entry because it's still a happy ending eryt? But I tell you, the pre-interview thingie's really kinda depressing... Seriously...

Bye for nao!

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tagabukid said...

ohio here he comes...hehehe

pasalubong ha? :D

richard said...

muntik akong naniwala sa billboard ah.. galing! pwede po pagawa? hehe


Jun said...

haha for once i thought u were the face of centrum ;p

are u gonna cont' ur studies in the states??? :D lots of philippinos go there i heard...

Camille said...

i thought jun said pare.. pare-is like dude or bro in tagalog slang.. haha nice. :D

dak!! a new jacket or watch would be enough.. lol :D

come back, ok?

joyfulchicken said...

That's a really good Photoshop job. Tell your brother to Photoshop some Angel Locsin nude pictures :-P

philos said...

You should've tried it on the consul hehe...


kingdaddyrich said...

ay heto na pala ang comment box! hhahaha!

nawala tuloy ako sa momentum.

ano nga bang sasabihin ko?

langya, nawala.

caryn said...

wow! ang linis ng pagkakagawa!

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