Engrossed & Intoxicated

For the past few days, I've been very busy that I even ignored blogging.

Since I'll be leaving on Saturday for a month long visit to Uncle Sam and Canada Mourning, my days (and by that I mean everything) went fast paced and cranky. Busy preparing for too many to mention stuff! Grrr....

And I feel so tired so I am sorry if it looks like I'm toooo lazy to write and share all the things currently happening in my flawed life.

I will be away from Juan dela Cruz for about a month so when I come back, iont have any more time to rest or even recover from a jet lag because school starts as soon as I arrive. It's sad eryt?

So what's up with me? busy bee?

Preparing for a trip is a no joke. I don't even knoe yet what are the things I shouldn't be inserting inside my hand-carry bags and my check-in luggage.

I knoe that any liquid's not allowed in the hand-carry bags... How about in my check-in luggage? I'm kinda confused! How am I suppose to bring my toiletries? With all the strict security in the airports nao... Owell, it's stressing me out!

Of course, Pasalubong is always a must bring to America especially those things that aren't easily found and bought there.

Your aunt said you should bring bagoong.

Mom?! I'm a tourist! Aren't they going to inspect that? I might get deported! *hehe* What if it leaked out and mess my baggage? It will surely stink in the airport, e?

Tell them it's a gift!

I love my mom and my aunt but I'm still not bringing bagoong tho...

It's been a debate wether I should bring a Balikbayan Box or not.

Mom?! I'm a tourist! They will suspect that I already brought all my things and not go back to Pinas anymore. Tourists don't bring boxes, they carry them back home... *hehehe*

Okay, those were some real conversations between me and my mom.


Yday, I went to see my dentist because it's been a year since I last saw him. And if I didn't visit him yesterday, I wonder when will it be... Next year?! No way... I usually have my Dental Prophylaxis AKA Cleaning twice a year and I was sure my teeth were already as dirty as a pot-butt because the procedure went longer than the usual. I'm sure he removed all the coffee stains after a year of constant intake. Ew. It probably looked like a caffeine film all over my teeth already... Hehehe. I knoe it's gross eryt?

I should be excited by nao, but why is it that I feel like I am not?!

Maybe because I will be traveling alone. Yes, all by myself. But I'm sure it will be exciting coz I might meet someone interesting e? In the plane, in the airport, hmmm...

Maybe because I am too tired of preparing; buying Pasalubong, validating my plane tickets, unceasing travel from Pangasinan to Manila and vice versa. It's too stressful!

Maybe because I worry a lot about *bad things that might happen. Hehehe... Adik!

Or maybe because I am already overtly excited that any exciting stimulus wouldn't work anymore.

Before I leave Pinas, I hope I can blog and share the 2 blog events that I've been to. Hmmm...

Just give me a few more days...

Bye for nao!

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cedeux said...

hehehhe, mukang excited ka nga.
just enjoy your well deserved vacation doc dak
yngats ka lng plagi!=]

i usually put my toiletries in my luggage, nakatago kasama ng undies. hehehehhe.

ingats ka plagi ha=]babalitaan mo ko=]

tagabukid said...

onga stressful nga naman ang daming iniintindi pag mag travel. kaya lalo't pauwi, pinauuna ko na bagahe ko (read: cargo) and travel light yung tipong isang check in bag lang and hand carry. the airline should be able to advice you what and what not to bring and where to keep the gel, the colognes. if going to their office is too much a hassle and calling them is 'useless' hehe check their website for advisory...


philos said...

Wow! A trip to the US of A... I wish I'm going as well, I've been procrastinating for the longest time.

Anyhow I know what you mean about traveling alone, I think that myself... something different might happen, or someone interesting you might just meet... still hasn't happened to me though, not while I'm alone anyway.

Anyway, good luck with your shot at it... I hope you do have a good time. I hear 3rd year's really tough, specially since you don't get a summer break next year hehe...

Micaela said...

Hello there! Ingat sa byahe. Sana nakapag-empake ka ng tama :)

Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. Kababayan pala kita eh :) Sa Pangasinan ka rin ba naghigh school?

P0ytee said...

Haha cool! I have traveled alone, pero sa probinsya lang! So, traveling alone (lalo na to another country) will definitely give you the hibbie jibbies. LOL. Good luck with that! Bring a rabbit's foot or something.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Reminds me of my trips when I was asked to bring bagoong, hopia, balut and komiks! The worst thing was, the balikbayan box was torn in the conveyor so some of its contents spilled all over! Nakakahiya! Buti na lang I was only 12 then.

Blog from the States and keep us updated ha?

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