Mount Pinatubo-Baguio Trip Part 2

After getting wet and dirrrty, we immediately hit the road! It's already around 5PM when we left the Mount Pinatubo registration office so Manong Driver's already hitting the road as fast as he can!

Since Eugene had some mom-problem, we dropped him off at his house in Tarlac City before finally going straight to Pangasinan to change flight. Yeap! We rented the van just for a day so the driver still needs to go back to Manila before midnight strikes. Hehehe.

It took us around 2-3 hours before reaching my hometown. I wonder how many times Hanna asked me if we're already near/in our town. She's like Donkey in the movie Shrek... Hahaha!

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I told my parents days before our trip that we would probably arrive at our house in Pangasinan on Monday -- already in the afternoon, so I just let them prepare some snacks for us. But no! They were shocked to hear that we were still in Tarlac City at 6PM. I wasn't able to inform them early about how our hike went, some probs we encountered, etc, because it's dead spot in the Pinatubo area. What made it more complicated is that I emptied my cellphone batteries so I had a hard time informing my parents about our current situation. LOL. So we ended up eating in some Turo-turo (Point-point) when we finally reached my home because my parents weren't able to prepare dinner for us.

After dinner, some took a shower first in our house before we headed for Baguio. 10PM when we left my house, used our family's SUV, I as the driver.

I was wondering why dad actually allowed us to go since it's already late... I thought that he'll let us sleep in the house that night and just leave early for Baguio the next day. Kennon Road isn't really that safe yah knoe... No road lights, spontaneously falling rocks, zig-zag, steep and rough roads.

Luckily, my driving powers that night's in the max. Probably the coffee I took at home before we left. LOL. Everyone's already sleeping, I on the other hand's just listening to some random music on the CD while driving.

IMG_0245We reached Jac's Condo in Baguio at around 11PM. I was already tired, ready to sleep but they even played cards (Pusoy-Dos) while preparing to sleep.

Next day, I woke up early... Rhenz was already awake but still in bed. I immediately went to take a bath. Hah! The heater was broken so I had no choice but to bathe in the freezing water of Baguio! T'was okay tho... Was even better because after the bath, I don't feel cold anymore.

We spent our Baguio trip just wandering and eating around. Fortunately, some of my friends have relatives there so we actually didn't spend much on food. Hahaha... So let me further share the things that happened with some pictures.


Our first stop on our first day is the Public Market! Of course, we bought there souvenirs, novelty and native items for Pasalubong! You will also be able to find there fresh vegetables and fruits in their cheapest prices.

Broccoli? Broccoli?


We ate our lunch at Oh My Gulay!, a resto that's suitable for vegetarians! Oh my very hard to find! Seriously...  It's located along Session Road in the building where Manel's is located. The location of this resto's in the rooftop of the building wherein students from UP Baguio created it artistically, designed the place with different types of artworks and paintings. Amazing huh? You should visit this place! I strongly recommend it.


They serve pastas, salads and desserts, and everything's made of veggies and fruits! Yummy and Healthy!

Oh my gulay

Next Stop? The Mansion House! I knoe med students are crazy but not as crazy as climbing the steel gates of the Mansion House, like what we did... Hehehehe... We were actually allowed to go inside, but just within a few meters from the gate.


It's not the gates of heaven guys! Calm down!

IMG_0273Right... Why do we so much love the Mine's View Park? I had a hard time looking for some mining areas but all I found were roofs of houses that crowds the mountainous spot year after year...

OBTW, the kids who catch coins were all gone nao...

Owell, some of us even had the chance to buy pieces of accessories and an almost-genuine jacket that made some of us envious. Hahahaha... The price's just right!


IMG_0280 IMG_0268

(L above) See? I told you, it's not Mine's view anymore... It should now be called Houses' view. LOL

(R above) We were all happy to be allowed just a few meters to go inside the gates after convincing the guards and crying out loud just to let us in. Hehehe. JK.

Near the Mine's View Park's the Good Shepherd Convent... We bought more Pasalubong especially their famous Ube Jam! Yammmeeehhh....

Camp John Hay was the next stop. Their Starbucks for me is the most unique, most calm, and most sophisticated branch! Owell, I forgot to take some photos so just imagine an old cabin in a forest that you usually see in Hollywood films of green and white.


We had dinner at Hanna's Tito and Tita's place! We met her cousins, CJ and Patrick who were very smart and nice kids. We BTW almost experienced picking strawberries unfortunately, we didn't have much time already.


The following day, some of us woke up late and so we finished preparing very late. We almost haven't done anything that day except that some of us went back to the Public Market to buy strawberries to be brought back to Manila and some just wandered around the SM and had coffee again at Starbucks.

We finally met Jac's Grannies and they treated us lunch at Sizzling Plate near the Burnham Park. Yeap, during that time, I was not yet a semi-Vegan so I still ate meat. Hahaha...


That very same day in the afternoon, we said our goodbyes to Baguio City and went straight back to Pangasinan. Since I'm not going back to Manila yet, I dropped my friends at Victory Liner Bus Station and off they went! Shoooo! Hehehe...

(L) Sizzling Plate near the Burnham Park... Good food, bad toilet... Hahaha...

(M) Two of my passengers!!! Hanna and Carlos...

(R) The Driver, me. This was taken while driving my way back and down to Pangasinan.

This trip was awesomely tiring... I enjoyed it very much because of the company... Owell, Baguio's still the place to be? Probably...

Thanks to Rhenz and James for some pictures.

Click HERE and HERE to view their albums.

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cedeux said...

me like your jacket! heheh
mukang sinusulit mo bakasyon mo doc ah. kelan ba pasukan?

inagts palagi ha=]

dak said...

@ced - i was wearing a UST med jacket... the jacket i was talking abt was the Adidas jacket bought by Carlos that looks so genuine, it made Rhenz desperate, tried hard looking for a size that will fit his. Hehehe... Sulitin mo din bakasyon mo! Start na clerkship next summer dba? Pasukan? I heard after Independence day pa. Sa inyo ba? Cge, ingat din.

Jun said...

i love the pic with u and ur friends at the gate, as well as the one in ur room (1st pic). how nice to spend the hols traveling ;>

Camille said...

ei dak!!! invite mo naman ako.. haha.. gsto ko magbeach... surf tau sa la union??? pde pde?? badtrip wla pala ko sweldo sa work.. haha.. yoko nga noh.. sayang ang expertise ko kung wla bayad! :p

tagabukid said...

cool na cool ang ang baguio escapades...tagal na rin di ako napadpad dun. pero siguro batanes siguro muna hehe.

dak said...

@jun - i love that shot too! Hehehe... there are a lot of fun moments with them... some weren't caught by the camera... g'luck!

@cams - okay, ill sked that if ill not be able to get a visa.

@tagabukid - sama ako batanes! hehehe...

Anonymous said...

I miss Baguio. Haven't been there in a looong time! My fave places there are John Hay and Mines View.

Sarap ng ube jam, I can almost taste it from here!

dak said...

@mon - then now's the time! go visit baguio again, there are a lot of changes nao.

Scarlet said...

do u, like, photoshop every picture that u upload?.. they've got those drop shadow thingies. omg. ang tyaga mong magblog! :)) when you mentioned victory liner, i reminded myself of Batangas Express coaches. choosy kase ako sa buses before. :P baguio's bargain caves are DA BOMB! gawwd.. stoopin' cheap, and super loveable items.. and the food! you made me drool!

i soo love this post!
*kisses embedded*

dak said...

@scarlet - no, the only photoshoped pic's the food pic. the tiange photo was edited tho, but not in photoshop, because twas too bright, so i manipulated the contrast a little.

Victory liner's the best yet most expensive bus towards Baguio, but they didn't pay me for the ad. Hahaha.

You're right! Bargain heaven!

Thanks for loving this post.

kingdaddyrich said...

ang saya! tamang bakasyon ah!

dak said...

@kingdaddyrich - yeah right! thanks for dropping by my blog!

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