Damaged? Not!

The previous typhoon that struck the Philippines brought devastating damages not to mention, one of its victims is our family SUV. Its strong winds were able to cut a tree off, fell over and wrecked our SUV.

I was shocked to hear that our car was wrecked. I knoe the insurance company will pay for it but I am still worried. Why such damage? It was so harsh... I can't believe it was really that strong. I am thinking this might be the end of the world... Signs of the end of the age right...? Did it occur to you to question the possibility of the end and wonder why there's occurence of consecutive alarming disasters? High magnitude earthquake in China, cyclone in Myanmar and this typhoon in Philippines. What's next?!

People here are also wondering why it's still freaking cold in here at this time of the year... Summer should have started already in this part of the world but why is it still cold?

What's going on to the world?

But I am not questioning Cook's victory over Archulets... For me he's really better. I mean he's talented and creative. He likes to reinvent music which is an ok ok ok... Archuleta did not win but that doesn't mean he will not become successful... American Idol is just a front. The boy also has talents. Both are good contestants, they showed good performances and I think they're humble individuals, it's just that it can never be tie. Technically, they are both winners! Look, they're popular and apparently getting more popular! Have you seen their Guitar Hero TV ad? And the Ford Escape? If I were them, I will not ask for more. Owell, it's really a good season for AI! Great show!

Today, we went to Niagara Falls and it was freaking awesome. I can say that it is one of the best places I've visited here... What's cooler than being just a few meters close to Canada!? Did I mention that I wasn't able to get a permit to cross the border to Canada? It's true I wasn't able to get it for reasons of terrorism and TB. Hehehe... I am kidding. I didn't get a permit because the moment I submitted my papers for evaluation, the letter of invitation from my aunt in Canada didn't arrive yet so, no evidence of support of my stay there. Owell, there's always a next time... right? No hard feelings... But I miss my cousins there...

Hay, sooo tired! I should go to sleep nao... Good night earthlings!

Pictures to be posted soon! Multiply's giving me a headache nao...

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Camille said...

ows? nasira everest nyo? how bad was it? hm.. kawawa nmn pla.. gnun ba kalakas un baguio.. anyway d tlga ko nakakarelate.. everyone's talking bout the american idol finale.. hehe

Camille said...

bagyo pla.. sori typo hehe

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your SUV. Anyway, the insurance will take care of it.

Did you ride the Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls?

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