Defying the original plan...

There's no such thing as right or wrong decisions... All I know is that I can choose from either of the two and face the consequences.

Life here in the United States of A is not pure pleasure and sureness of state of steadiness. It is not perfect in here. People face a lot of difficulties which I can say is pretty much the same in my third world country. The only difference is the economy.

Before I got this opportunity to visit my relatives, my thoughts about working here is very thin and is not really on my list of future plans. If ever I want to work somewhere else but Philippines, I like it to be near my home where I feel a lot safer and freer. Singapore would be nice as well as Australia.

16 hours of travel time is a no joke to see my family when I miss them so badly and so US of A WAS actually my last resort. Besides, taking 4 expensive and unpredictable exams so that I can practice my long time dream as a doctor here in the US would be a tough thing to consider.

Then my options became wider and incomprehensible... I now consider moving here after I graduate. I am like my dad... Unpredictable... I am now thinking of taking the first two exams soon. Australia has been my first choice of the countries where I can actually move into and live to the fullest but now, it's either there or here.

I've never been to Australia but based on reliable sources, it's a pretty place. I consider it living there because it's near the Philippines, their economy's not bad, the demand for physicians is apparent and it's not over rated. But i never considered the fact that my family will soon move here in the US and so now... what's the point of living in Australia if sooner or later my family's in the US? Well, I can say that at least they can visit me in Australia and I can visit them here too which is still cool. But still... Did you get the point?

There are a lot of factors to consider... As of now, everything's still a mess. I am not confused... of/or trying to look for my real purpose in life. So far I know my purpose but where and to whom should benefit from this?

Owell, this is probably just an effect from my trip to Chicago where I literally and really enjoyed the company of my cousins. Me and my cousin Brian is now sadly wishing for more time in Chicago. It's nice being with cool relatives, not to mention my aunts and uncles with apparent and intact Filipino practices. There were foods everywhere and they are really very sweet and accommodating. I am tired, but in a good way... I am tired because I had fun... Seriously...

I will be back in the Philippines soon! I miss my family so badly! I will be back to school again... 2 more years in school that is and I am almost done... Almost but technically medicine has no end for us; we are in a continuous state of studying... if you know what I mean... And that's one of the reasons why I love it so much.

Subconsciously but now consciously my heart is happy here so surely I will come back. When? I don't know...

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Camille said...

bakit gnun. parng angsad nung post? hehe.. iiwan mo na kami? panu na un plan nating hospital? aayain pa kta maggolf! huhu.. sige samahan kta sa mga exams na yan. sana pumasa tau. :D

jacque said...

dak, pareho yta tayo ng na-fefeel.. hehe.. kararating ko lng from singapore.. parang gusto ko na mgstay dun.. very peaceful.. sobrang tahimik ng place.. ang babait pa ng mga tao.. parang australia din.. :D
im starting not to like philippines... :(

Camille said...

ay gnun.. sige magtest tau lahat...

my-so-called-Quest said...

ay nako, iiwan nyo ako ni cams?
ahehhehe, nagdadrama daw ako o=]

uwi kna, miss kna rin ng family mo e. tska magkakape pa tayo nila cams=]

ingats ha!

size 9 1/2 nga pla paa ko... baka makalimot ka. aheeheheh. juk lng=]

Camille said...

naku dak inaasar ka ni hana.. nakakatawa ka daw sa chat.. parang amerikano na... wahahahaha

kingdaddyrich said...

siguro sa simula lang yan. you got to appreciate new environment and new people. pero kung matutuloy nga ang plano mong mag migrate abroad, kapag tumagal, siguro ma mimiss mo rin ang Pinas. wag sana ma jinx. hehehe... goodluck sa plans.

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