My friend Needs Your Help.

I had a co-intern who has an End Stage Renal Failure.

She was a medtech co-intern at The AFP Medical Center in V.Luna. Although she was not a schoolmate, we became friends because we had the same schedule (Group 3) and she became the group's very reliable and receptive leader.

I actually don't knoe how it all happened. Many years back, about 3 years ago, I got an SMS from her asking for prayers and support because she's dialyzing. At that time, I wasn't able to ask her what really happened; why was it so sudden and what led her into acquiring such condition. Maybe at that time I was too shy to ask details and I was just there to sympathize.

She wasn't able to take the medtech board exam therefore she cannot work; she was lamed by her sickness. She's dialyzing twice a week and is taking a lot medications. She's nao experiencing almost all the possible complications of renal failure like aneurysm.

I feel her situation because my Granny who just died last January had the same case except that it was secondary to her diabetes. It's a tough condition. Every dialysis session makes her tired. It like sucks every energy that she has. It wasn't a good scene everytime I see my Granny after her dialysis. She looks so drained and weak, it seems like it's not making any good for her. So, I knoe she's also experiencing the same thing.

She wants to undergo kidney transplant but as we all knoe, it is an expensive procedure, the queue for a possible transplant's too long and an organ match is also a predictable problem.

She's a very strong woman, and I knoe that based from her record as our group leader during our internship. She's really into taking good control over the group's problems and performances. Apparently, eventhough she's now into a difficult situation, she remains strong and focused. She's very hopeful that one day her new kidney will come.

Last week, I received an SMS from her selling a car. My immediate thought was like,

Is she getting a kidney? They're selling their car for her to have a kidney transplant!

I didn't reply, besides I am not interested in buying a car.

After a few days, I received another message from her that shocked me,

Gud PM guys! Kakapalan ko na mukha ko guys if this is the only way that i could extend my life. Wala na kasi kaming mapagkunan ng funds para ma-support ang sakit ko. My dialysis costs 3750 per session tapos twice a week pa yun. Mga meds ko naman cost 2500 plus every week. We're really broke and lahat ng pwedeng lapitan, nalapitan na namin. Hihingi sana ako ng tulong sa inyo, kahit magkano lang na kaya ninyong itulong sa aking would be very helpful. Pasensya na kayo. Alam kong pinaghihirapan ninyo ang pera ninyo pero I am really incapable to work right now. Yung dad ko naman somehow abandoned me na kaya mom ko na lang ang katulong ko sa pag-support ng sakit ko eh unemployed na rin siya. If you can send help, please paki-deposit na lang po sa BPI account number 3219-0027-09, account name GENNEVIE BAYBAYAN. Cousin ko po yun. Tapos paki-text po sa akin kung magkano na-send ninyo para ma-confirm ko kasi nakigamit lang ako ng ATM. Nakakahiya po sa inyo pero right now, kapag inuna ko po hiya ko, baka hindi na ako tumagal. Thank you po in advance. God Bless po.

Okay, so basically, she needs money to support her medical needs. Okay, Ion't normally do this in my blog, this is actually the first one. I really feel that she really deserves a chance, to live longer and to finally find a kidney that will suit her. She's very young and I believe that when her new kidney's up, it will make her a new person, a productive individual. My Granny didn't have a transplant, she's way too old for a new kidney and to have an operation but my friend here I think really needs a new kidney because it will benefit her a lot.  Okay, I am not only asking for your financial support but also of course for your prayers.

If you have an extra cash to share, It would be of great help no matter how much it would be.

BPI Account Number: 3219-0027-09
Account Name: Gennevie Baybayan

If you want to talk to her and give her encouragement and support you may call her or SMS her at 09174992679.

Thank you very much!

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kingdaddyrich ♥ said...


i really really feel sorry for her...

ang hirap ng sitwasyon niya, pero bakit ganon, inabandon siya ng tatay niya?


thejournicler said...

i'll include her in my prayers.

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