US based realizations...

I am not getting any bigger (fatter) because many believe that food servings here are too big that you will gain excessively upon continuous consumption. But ion't think it's true. I think that a lot of food in here tastes like plastic that I cannot just swallow. Yes the servings are huge but the taste? I don't know, maybe I'm just used to Filipino foods where there's "sabaw" and has an oriental taste. I am not saying that all of their foods here are useless or inadequate for my Filipino tongue because there are still a few pretty good stuff that can be tolerated like eating in Golden Corral which is a buffet resto, but yeah nothing beats an authentic Filipino dish. Like last night, my cousin and I went out to eat dinner, there's no Filipino resto here so I was looking for a Thai resto so that I can order Tom Yum which is like a Thai version of "Sinigang"; we found a Thai resto but their Tom Yum's all consumed! So unlucky and so I ended up eating Chix Teriyaki instead.

So I am not getting any bigger. Everytime we eat outside, I just can't finish the whole thing.

The first time I got the chance to sneak into their bars or clubs with my 2 lady cousins and their Fil-Swedish friend, I was mesmerized by the huge crowd wherein every corner of the room's full of kissing and canoodling couples. Even if you don't stare directly, my peripheral views tell me what they're doing. And you knoe how small I am right? I am only 5'4.5" so I was like a kid inside the bar. They didn't checked my ID tho but everytime someone looks at me, the look in their eyes tell me something like:

What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in bed nao?

Since bar "hard" drinks are too expensive in this country, what my cousins Christine and Karla and their friend Marianne do is that they drink in her apartment first until they get tipsy or even too drunk to walk before they go bar hopping. In her apartment I met Marianne's hypo-allergenic dog Ella who loves to play catch the ball. Marianne lives in an apartment in downtown (Cleveland) so we just hafta walk to reach the clubbing strip of Cleveland. We hopped from one bar to another and as far as I could remember we've been through 3 bars... I met a lot of very good and clever people, mostly from other countries studying here as college scholars.

In this state of the US, rarely you will see a Filipino. Would you believe that I haven't seen one yet? A pure one that is. But they are very diverse in here; Iraqis, Egyptians, Indians, Swedish, Germans and a lot more.

I just saw 2 groups of Filipinos when we were in Busch Gardens in Virginia and the other is while looking at the beautiful Diamond of Hope (Hope Diamond?) in Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. ... but none here in Ohio.

Unlike in California where it's like Philippines, like every corner there's a Filipino, it is not the same in here... But did you notice how Filipinos compete with each others in California?

"Pataasan ng ihi" as they call 'em.

They want to show to other Filipinos that they're rich and accomplished! They work overtime so just they can buy big houses and fancy cars. Where there are many Filipinos, they tend to become show-off.

What I also noticed here is that Filipinos who were born and raised here compared to those who were born and raised in the Philippines and just came over here are more kind, simple and humble. I don't knoe if some of you who had the chance to go here noticed it, but I did.

Anyway, last weekend we visited the Isidro clan in Virginia Beach which is a really nice place. Filipino tradition is still very apparent into their family. I like how my aunts there talk to and teach their kids to speak the native language. My cousin Brian and Christine were both born and raised here in Ohio and my aunt wasn't able to teach them how to speak Tagalog for she thought that they might get confused, but my cousin said it would have been nice if they have taught her the dialect because a kid will never get confused, they just absorb everything. She has a point.

Aryt, hafta end this entry nao... Imma do sumthing...

Until next time! More realization blah blahs... Hehehe... Good day Earthlings!

BTW, pictures are nao posted in HERE! You might want to... you knoe, check them. LOL.

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Jun said...

no doubt portions are huge in the states (they're even bigger than wat we get in aus!), but i find that they're heavily flavoured with either lots of sugar or lots of salt. geez.

wat's "sabaw" btw?

Camille said...

sabaw is like sauce but thinner in consistency.. :)
american food taste a bit bland for me.. i like their steaks though..:D

dak lapit kn umuwi.. ok na sakn un watch or rubber shoes.. haha.. pang-gym ko

philos said...

Hmm... So here I was worrying that I'd grow bigger when I finally end up working there. How bout the fast food like McDo? Any difference?

Hehe... Drinking 'til they're tipsy before bar-hopping LOL! Don't get the point in that. :p

Anonymous said...

i can relate to this. I lost weight during the first two weeks I was there too. The food just tasted bland to me.

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