Back to Reality, but I am not yet ready!

I think I am not yet ready to face my real life! Shut up, it's not what you're thinking; what I am talking about is school!

I love going to school, that's why at my age I am still in school. Don't get me wrong, it's not all about the allowances and benefits that I am still getting from my parents. It's all about the whole schooling experience.

I bet those who also share the same interest got my point, right?

Loving school doesn't necessarily mean it's easy. School life has it's own screwing mechanism. Exactly! Screwing mechanism! Professors may screw on you, school officials and even schoolmates! Am I right or am I right?

It's not pure fun in school... A lot of people will not agree on your virtues, they love to hate you, they want to kick your ass, they want to make your life very difficult, rushing, cramming, love-hate relationships, et cetera. Hehehe...

But those factors that might pull you down and make schooling very difficult are sometimes good things, they can be your inspirations...

I'm going to prove that you're wrong! Biatch!


It's 3:30AM now, I woke up at around 12:30AM. I don't know what triggered me from waking up and walking out of my bed.

Last night, I thought my sleep-wake cycle will go back to it's original state like the one I had before going to the opposite side of the world. I felt the need to sleep last night but no! Why did I wake up in the middle of the night? Crap! I don't know!

And this summer...

I think I wasn't really that productive! Don't get me wrong ok? I know summer break is meant for resting and having a great time but I think it's not normal that you're always having fun.

Did you experience the feeling of missing anxiety and stress during continuous state of having a great time? I felt that. It seems like something is wrong with my body. It made me wonder why God's giving me all the blessings in the world. It's like it's not worth it for me.

This summer break is all pure fun for me. I had a great time; every moment of it. This summer, I conquered Mount Pinatubo, slept with friends in Baguio City, had a great time with my family, and an unexpected trip to the US of A. I am not complaining because I really had a great time but there are a lot of people who aren't having a great (or even good) time in their life.

Why me? Do you think it's unfair? I mean, I think I deserve some of them... Oh God is really good! Ok, stop... I will not complain anymore!

Today, I realized that there are a lot of things I should be buying for school! Hopefully tomorrow, everything's prepared... that should include me! Hehehe...

And another thing, I hope I can get through this year in med school! Let's cross our fingers first ---- tightly... and pray... Woot woot!

Wish me luck!

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Karen said...

It's just now that I realized -- nothing beats being a student. I miss going back to school. The liberty of being a student. Care-free life, as it is. But, I also enjoy earning, though.

God bless, Dak!


my-so-called-Quest said...

pasukan na!

dak said...

Thanks Karen!

Right Ced! Here we go!

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