Back to Reality

We touched down at NAIA last night at around 10:30 PM, the landing was terrible. I immediately felt the oldness of the airport.

I checked in my stuff, 1 big luggage and 1 big box at Cleveland-Hopkins airport. Yes, I have to carry with me a box so that I could bring all my stuff back home. When they weighed my luggage, it exceeded the limit of 70 lbs by half a pound.

"What the heck!" I told myself.

They weren't considerate... actually...

So I removed some socks from my luggage and put them in my carry on bag. Tada! 69.5 pounds. I never thought that a few socks would weigh a pound.

From Cleveland airport to Detroit airport, we took the smallest plane Northwest Airline could provide for us. It's a 3-seater per row plane so it was totally scary. Luckily, the weather was nice so it lessened a bit of my anxiety of possibly evacuating from the plane any time during the flight. Hehehe. But then it's just a 20 minute flight.

It took me 4 hours waiting in Detroit for my flight back home to Manila. I ate my lunch there and wandered around their huge and very modern airport while waiting for Gate 38 to open. It didn't bore me though since there were a lot of things that can be done in their airport, not to mention the huge variety of food establishments inside.

Tunnel at Detroit airport where passengers can walk through connecting them from concourse to concourse. Side walls have dancing light displays. Cool huh? I ran through this tunnel during my arrival to the US so that I can board in to my re-booked connecting flight to Cleveland because my flight was delayed for 4 hours!

During my flight from Detroit to Nagoya (stop-over), I noticed a familiar passenger. I was sure I never met him before but I kept wondering why I think I know him. He was seated near the exit door. I must have seen him somewhere. Then I remembered! He's a blogger! He's Kevin of Kuya Kevin's Blog! When we arrived in Nagoya, we were instructed to go out of the plane first before we head to our final trip to Manila (same flight). We had the chance to talk to each other the entire time we were in Nagoya.

Excuse me sir!? Is your name Kevin?

Yes. (???? look on his face)

Oh! So... Are you the author of Kuya Kevin's Blog?

Oh yeah! Hi!

...then the conversation went on until we were back to the plane.

Kevin of Kuya Kevin's Blog while we were in Nagoya, Japan airport. I never met him before but I regularly visit his blog. His blog's about love and relationship. He's been here in the Philippines for 6 years already so he can speak Tagalog.

There were a lot of balikbayans last night! Carousels were full of boxes and bags! I came out of the airport at midnight already.

Now, I am soooo exhausted and the exaggeration is real. But I really had fun and I miss my cousins already!

Owell, that's how it should be...

A few days from now, I'll be back to reality; my world; my sanctuary! I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Back to the heat and traffic! He he.

I love airports, Whenever I travel I make it a point to arrive veeeery early for my flight so that i have time to lounge around, browse at duty free shops, have coffee, etc.

dak said...

Thanks mon, I am not complaining tho, i still love the Philippines despite its flaws.

I love airports too except our old one. Well, but i don't go there very early just so I can enjoy the airport... it's just that the time interval of my 2 flights was 4 hours so i just enjoyed my free time instead.

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