Beer pong which is also called beirut and lob pong is a drinking game in which players throw a ping pong ball across a table with the intent of landing the ball in one of several cups of beer on the other end.

Since I miss my cousins in the US I'll feature this game that they introduced to me which is Beer Pong and I hope more Pinoys will use this game during drinking sessions. My cousins used to play this game when we drink in the house (like house parties or a garage party). It's really a fun and a cool game because it is not the usual boring just sit, drink and talk session that we Filipinos usually know.

I miss my cousins because they aren't boring; in other words, they're cool cousins; they have numerous games in mind like riddles, card games, magics, etc and a lot of them are really competitive. Hehehe, in all sort of stuff.

We even played "Guess who sang this song" during every car ride. Of course they always win because they're too familiar with the songs played in their radio stations. I also miss my cousin Karla who shares the same interests like coffee shops and shopping. She drives me from mall to mall during our free time.

And since I mentioned BeerPong in my previos posts and in my Multiply, a lot of people were asking what's it all about and so I decided to share the whole game thing through this post.

So, anyway, the picture below shows the type of shots you can do.

A flying ball shot is considered as a point therefore you drink the cup where the ball landed in. A bounce shot is considered 2 points so the opponent should drink 2 cups of beer; but after the ball bounces during a shot, you are allowed to block or slap the ball as a defense.

This is a video shot of one of our BeerPong games in Jojo's Garage during our visit in Chicago! My teammate's kuya CJ and the opponent team includes Brian and ate Rachelle. Jojo was taking the video and Valerie's just watching the game. Some of our cousins (not in the vid) were out of the garage playing basketball.
***People involved in this video are not drunkards. This particular drinking session was done only for recreational purpose and for pure fun and is not done religiously by the poeple in the video.

There are actually a lot of rules, it differs depending on the location in the United States but the rules I am imposing below are the rules we followed during my visit in Cleveland, Ohio. Enjoy!

  • Each team begins with 10 or 6 cups arranged in a triangle. (4 in the back, 3 in the next row, 2, then 1 at the top) Filled up 1/3 of the way with either beer or liquor.

  • Typically, the two teams will shoot to see who goes first.
  • Once a cup is made, it’s content’s must be drank by the opposing team (Whether it be beer or occasionally hard liquor) and then removed from the table.
  • Players continue to shoot at each other’s cups until none remain. The losing team must drink the remaining cups from the winning team.
  • At any time during the game, a team may request to have the opposing team’s cups rearranged in any formation they choose. This is only allowed once.
  • If a ball is bounced, it counts as 2 cups. However, the opposing team may knock the ball away after it bounces off the table once.
  • If a ball hits off of a player and falls into a cup, it counts.
  • If two members of an opposing team make both of they’re shots, the balls are returned to that team. There is no limit how many times balls may be returned to them.
  • After the last cup is made, the opposing team has two shots to keep the game going. This is called a “rebuttal”. If that team makes one cup, both balls are returned to the original team and the game continues.
  • Sometimes a ball will ring around a cup and if blown on, will bounce out. Only girls may do this.
  • Talking shit (as always) is strongly encouraged
  • Any cup knocked over counts. However, players may not deliberately knock over a cup.
  • During a shot, elbow should not cross the edge of the table.

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P0ytee said...

The heck? That is one very complicated ping pong game! LOL

joyfulchicken said...

I didn't realize that BeerPong has so many rules :-D

Anonymous said...

Interesting. We have to try it one of these days.

We usually use the videoke for our beer game. The one who gets the lowest score drinks the beer in ALL of our glasses. So if we are a group of 10, 9 ang iinumin ng talunan! He he.

dak said...

@Poyt - not really... it's very easy as long as you stick to a single set of rules.

@joyfulchix - hahaha... as long as you stick to a single set of rules, it's not really complicated. but there are a lot of different sets of rules depending on a person's location. for those living in the west and in Europe i think they have different rules. for me, since I got it from Ohio, I use their rules.

@mon - the videoke game's the game of the oldies. don't get mad ok? hehehe... when my tita hosts parties in her house they play that game. hahaha... beer pong is more fun and sporty i guess. LOL. but i will surely enjoy the videoke too because i love to sing. hahahha...

but drinking evbud's drinks? iont think that wud be fun, it sounds too unfair... hehehe...

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