Cedar Point!

It was "supposed to" rain today in Ohio but it didn't. "Supposed to" means it was forecasted. They were wrong!

Although we knew that it "will" rain today (but it didn't) since last week, it never stopped us from going to Sandusky, Ohio to visit the Roller Coaster Capital of the World which is Cedar Point. Yohoo!

DSC03413 - Copy 
Me and my cousin Christine at the entrance gate!

Cedar Point has 17 roller coasters and we rode about 11 of them. The rest I didn't try because it's either they were too old already to ride and the ride's very bumpy or it's a kiddy coaster. But I have my favorites too.

The scariest I have to say is the Millennium Force. Its tallest hill stands 310 feet above the ground and reaches a top speed of 93 mph. It doesn't have any loops or twists but it's fast and high. I consider it to be the scariest because the safety belts seems like it's not going to support you for the whole ride. It's so damn fast and steep, the force during the fall feels like you'll be detached from your seat. It's scary but I love it! The scarier the roller coaster, the better!


I consider the Top Thrill Dragster to be my second favorite. It only has a single but the tallest hill among all the roller coasters. It reaches a stratospheric 420 feet tall hill and topping out speed of 120 mph. Awesome huh? The train moves into a "starting line" position, where it is launched forward, reaching 120 mph in approximately four seconds. The train then zooms straight up the 420-foot-tall hill, rotates 90 degrees, and then free falls back to Earth. Also, as the train goes down 400 feet to the ground, the track twists at approximately 270 degrees! Really cool! But what I don't like about it is that it's so fast the thrill ends after 30 seconds. It's like it's so fast you cannot process the whole thing until the ride's over which is not really okay. Plus, you cannot raise your hands during the ride because it's too fast that it hurts.


top_thrill_dragster_06 top_thrill_dragster_11

Mantis is my 3rd favorite! This is very unique because you have to stand during the entire ride. Some guys don't like it because it's painful in the crotch but I guess you just have to adjust your seat well to have a comfortable and excellent ride. It has a 145-foot-tall first hill at an outrageous top speed of 60 mph with lots of loops and twists! Just imagine that!


Wicked Twister is the tallest and fastest "double-twisting" impulse roller coaster ever created. It is comprised of a U-shaped track with the ends reaching 215 feet into the air. Riders sit in seats suspended from the track above. Then, without warning, it launches riders forward and up a 90-degree, twisting steel track. Once the train slows to a stop, it goes back down the structure and launched backward up another twisting track. The train races up and down the track a total of five times at an amazing top speed of 72 mph! And! Each tower twists 450 degrees, and I can say it is one of the most unique ride experiences ever.

wicked_twister_02 wicked_twister_05 wicked_twister_09

Maverick is a steam-era-styled coaster trains that carried us along the 4,450-foot-long course. It has a 105-foot-tall first hill. From there, it's not straight down but it's more than straight down! It took us down to Earth at an astonishing 95-degree angle at speeds of up to 57 mph to within five feet above the ground! The train then twists and slides around hairpin turns. The 2-minute, 30-second ride, also consist of "airtime-filled hills," three inversions and a second launch through a dark tunnel that left me in awe as we reached speeds of 70 mph! Amazing. I think this is their newest among their roller coaster families.


Raptor is one of the tallest and fastest inverted roller coasters in the world. Raptor let us ride in cars that are suspended from the track above. Our legs were dangling during the whole ride, providing the sensation of flight. We went upside down six amazing times! It's crazy, I know and we were seated in the front! It has the what they call "Cobra roll" which flipped us over, spiraled upside down into a 180-degree roll and repeated the twisting motion in reverse. It's tallest hill reaching 137 feet and reaching a top speed of 57 mph. Another cool thing about this ride is that you can actually buy a video of your whole ride.


My last favorite is the Magnum XL-200! It is a traditional "out and back" coaster that features 5,106 feet of track that winds its way over Soak City and along the Lake Erie shoreline, which gave us an unparalleled view of the lake and the Cedar Point skyline. My favorite part in this ride are the tunnels which are dark inside so it makes you think "What's going on? I can't see!"


We were actually lucky because the park was almost empty since they thought that it would rain today, but it didn't! So the expected long lines were unapparent that's why we had the chance to ride almost all the rides! We were there until 10PM which is the closing time of the park.

I so love roller coasters! It's just sad we only have Enchanted Kingdom in the Philippines. Pft!

I am so happy that the weather now here in Ohio's a lot hotter than the usual. Well, I think this is supposed to be the real weather now. I'll be leaving next week and the weather seems to agree that I should already leave. Hehehe.

I remember when I arrived in the airport, rain poured so badly. I don't know if it was a blessing or the weather actually didn't like me.

Since it's hot, I started wearing sleeveless shirts now but only inside the house. It is still cold outside but tolerably cold like the coldest weather you can experience in Baguio. Thanks to my aunt's house which was built to make the household comfortable, even if it's already 10 years old or more, but it's still modern and beautiful.


To view pictures from our recent trip to Cedar Point click HERE.

Roller coaster photos were taken from Cedar Point.

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