Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

I became a kid for a day. I thought that the zoo visit yesterday would be just a happy day and not the usual tiring day. But no! Their zoo is a lot larger than Manila Zoo. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is the home to one of the largest collection of primate species in Northern America, so well it's a big piece of land and we saw a lot of gorillas, baboons, orangutans and of course common monkeys!

I think it's not appropriate for me to label now that zoo is only for the little ones because I wasn't the only one who became a kid that day if that's the case. I actually had fun but I was so tired after the trip that I immediately went to bed and slept. So now here I am awake so early in the morning, not in my usual wake up time.

Upon entering the zoo, the first animals that we saw were the elephants. Is it a zoo rule to always put the elephants near the entrance gates? I am just wondering...

There were a lot of animals that I have never seen before like the antelopes, camels, koalas, lemurs, kangaroos, polar bears, and flamingos!

There are more animals that I think I just saw yesterday, I am not so sure about it though. Hahaha, I'm terrible with remembering stuff especially people's names.

Not just that, I just can't remember all the names of many weird looking creatures, some I don't know where they got them and some are even unimaginable.

I also had the chance to touch stingrays! Yes you read it right, stingrays! The creature that attacked and killed Steve Irwin! Remember? They're so soft and gentle. Of course the ones we touched aren't the ones that can dangerously attack people. They're not that stupid to let us touch the kind who killed him of course!

Another wonderful experience is when we were allowed to touch colorful Australian birds. I forgot what their species is called (I told you I am terrible with names) but anyway, upon entering the netted pavilion, they'll come near to you ASAP. You can touch them but they expect you to feed them too. Hehehe. So if you don't have any nectars to give, expect a not so painful bite.

The bird on top of my tito's hand. Since he doesn't have any food to give to the bird, the bird's trying to eat his watch. Look! Hehehe.

Even kids aren't afraid to go near to them. See how the bird loves nectars! Yum!

In the Aquatics Area, I really enjoyed their sea creatures and aquarium displays. I saw many deadly piranhas and sharks in their beautiful big scale aquariums. And these animals know how to perform. They know people are watching them! Hehehe.

I really had fun especially in The Rainforest where you can really feel the actual atmosphere in the rainforest. It even rains inside. Walls full of exotic plants, birds flying in front of you while you walk, waterfalls and it's splashing sound, mists, and howling animals. It's really wonderful inside.

What really caught my attention though is the zoo's massive concern for their animals. Unlike in our Manila Zoo where you can find them in old, adulterated, unconditioned, dirty, "you name it" cages, in Cleveland Metroparks Zoo they are spoiled and well kept. You cannot even smell animal poops and the familiar ammoniacal odor while viewing the animals. I can eat right then and there while having a tour and never feel disgusted, but of course I cannot do that because it's against the zoo policies. There were even zoo people in almost every animals or corner of the zoo wherein they tell you informations about the animals.

However, pollens now are flying and floating everywhere. I first noticed them when we were in Cedar Point last Saturday wherein they hit you in the face while enjoying the roller coaster ride. I am not having an allergy attack though but I noticed that I began having runny nose every night and early mornings. Pft! Well, I am probably not going anywhere for this week so no need to worry more about probable allergy attack, hopefully. I need to rest and prepare for my trip back to the Philippines. Excited!

Anyway for an unrelated topic, I had another round of Chipotle! This time, I tried ones in the taco shells and not in the bowl, and I didn't let them put cream on them because I think it caused my a-month-ago bowel burden. I told my cousin Karla that we should eat dinner in Mr. Hero's because I so much love their burgers but she insisted we should have Chipotle.

This is what I ate. 3 taco shells with carnitas as the meat + medium salsa + Cheese + lettuce. Yummme!

The very first time I tried Chipotle which for me is an excellent Mexican fastfood (better than Taco Bell), I experienced extensive but not massive diarrhea for 5 days. I don't recommend you to imagine that. Hehehe. I was purged!

I am not blaming Chipotle though about my dreadful experience because I am not really sure if it really caused my diarrhea.

This is the bowl or bol. It has rice, meat (carnitas for this meal), cream, cheese, lettuce, medium salsa and an avocado paste (I forgot what it's called). Karla loves it! For me? no! Hehehe...

Chipotle's not bad it's just that I don't want to have a diarrhea again if ever it was really Chipotle that caused it. I will be leaving this coming week which means I will be in the airplane for 16 hours again and I don't want to be consistently visiting the restroom or lavatories. That wouldn't be nice, e?

After dinner, of course coffee! Starbucks would have been nice but we instead resorted to Arabica! It's cheap but good coffee! This was my hazelnut mocha. Arabica's costumers are mostly Europeans, the place is cozy, cool music, free wi-fi access and lots of hot people. It's crazy inside!


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Anonymous said...

I have never been to a zoo since i was about ten. But then again, my experience at our pathetic Manila Zoo must have made me lose interest. he he.

Jun said...

hey dak! been reli busy lately, only able to catch glimpses of ur recent posts.

read the post on "defying the original plan", and i have to say that spore can be reli reli stressful and busy even if it's close to home. thank god i'm here now jt as a student. true, it's medically more advanced here, but working conditions for interns and RMOs are, IMHO, less than satisfactory compared to aus. altho it looks like u're now swaying btwn US and aus, i thought i'd tell u how spore is like as well :)

funnily enuf, i was the opposite of u-- have always wanted to go to the states, but now that i'm in aus, i'm actually pretty happy. and, judging fr wat my friends say abt the states, it doesn't seem like a perfect country as i imagined it to be once. nonetheless, if u have family there, i suppose it makes things easier :)

oh and did i tell u there were heaps of filippino docs at the hospital in aus where i was posted? everyone's so nice!

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