I miss my bed.

I didn't have any Internet access for the past 4 days. Although I survived those staggering days, it felt okay because I realized that Internet is such a huge destruction or... hmmm... barrier(?) to my studies. Hahaha...

My first day in my new turf was kind of awkward but also exciting. Since Monday classes were canceled due to the unapparent typhoon, I got the chance to go to the LTO and get a new driver's license. It took me about 2 hours there in a queue and voila! A temporary license with my misspelled address. I just noticed it when I was already home so, I don't care anymore. As long as I have it and can drive again, I really don't care.

The new license got me the chance to move my things to my new apartment on that very same day without the help of my Granny. He actually offered to drive me there when I am already ready to move my things.

So far, so good. It's a convenience for real! I have enough time to rest and extra hours to sleep and study. However food choices are limited because I don't have the time to cook or have someone else cook the food that I want. And since my roommate is also a classmate, it's an advantage in a sense that we can actually debate or talk about the cases that we need to solve. Isn't it that two heads are better than one?

Okay, since Camille tagged me twice in a row, I will be doing it now for I might not be able to do it since I am a procrastinator. I am not going to do the last tag though (sorry cams) for I already checked my blog into that test. My blog's reading level is High School. Hahaha...

Here's the tag!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
1998? I was a very fresh freshman in High School. I was too lanky way back then. If you can see my pictures, gawd! You wouldn't probably recognize me. Hahaha.

2. Five things on my to-do list today:
Today? It's already 10PM so I guess I only have to list 5 things that I will do for the next 2 hours. But since that would be very boring because after this I will probably be sleeping, I'll just enumerate the top 5 things I'll be doing tomorrow.

  • Finish the Opinion for my column.
  • Print important notes for next week because I don't have a printer in the apartment.
  • Start doing the feature that was just recently assigned to me.
  • Write a letter to the Vice Rector for Finance of UST.
  • Go back to the apartment and start the readings.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
I actually enjoy eating.
Who doesn't anyway? I am a self-confessed oral person. Very oral in a sense that I love to eat as well as talk. Hehehe. So what snacks? Hmmm... It's going to be a long list but literally, I almost eat anything. I can't think of my top favorites right now probably because I just ate my dinner and/or there's really no top faves, I just eat what's there; I eat what's available. Hahaha.

4. Places where I've lived:
Live? I lived in Pangasinan since I was 1 year old (?). I was born in Quezon City but was raised in Pangasinan. I was back to Quezon City when I was 17 for college. Now, I am 22 and currently living in Manila. Moved there just recently. 4 days ago to be exact.

5. Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
I will buy an island and live there luxuriously.
The island would be located somewhere near the Mariana's area. Do you know that area? Hehehe... It would be like a small country and I'll make a petition to replace the Vatican City as the smallest country. A visa is a requirement if you want to visit my island. It would be the most independent island in the world. Owell... No name for my island yet, any recommendations?

6. People I want to know more about:
Hmmm... I am tagging everyone especially those who are in my blogroll!

If you will be doing the tag, I'll be glad if you'll inform me so that I can check out your answers. Thanks!

Until next time earthlings!

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Anonymous said...

So you're finally settled in your new pad. Hope the rain of Frank were a good sign. More blessings perhaps?

Jun said...

ur blog reading level is so not high school! ;)

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