It's pay back time

So true... Remember my previous post about me wondering why I am in a constant state of enjoying life?

I think I am beginning to experience the opposite. How?

  1. First, I thought that my responsibility as the team captain of the UST medicine table tennis team's over, BUT NO! Since we haven't elected yet the next team captain for this school year, all the responsibilities are still on me. Like for example, I attended the Tour 'd Med a while ago to recruit new members of the team. Only one member of the team is allowed and excused from the class so I went alone to represent the team. Talking to 20 groups of first year students for 2 hours is a no joke. Some weren't even listening to what I was saying which also irritates me. I can't blame them though because touring the entire medicine building is also tiring, add to that the humidity... Grrr...
  2. We currently have no helper. She went back to the province and said she'll take care of a sick relative. She was supposed to be back here yesterday, BUT NO! She wasn't even answering her phone. When my mom called her, she then confessed she's not coming back. The heck?! But I think a new one will be here by 7PM. Oh please... So who's the cook for tonight? Me!
  3. First rain poured today! The sign of the start of the rainy season? Probably! I was already on my way home when it started to rain. I thought that I was lucky enough that I wasn't stranded along Espana road but almost every road's on detour accompanied with heavy traffic. A jeepney's even stuck in a flooded area along the Kamias road. Owell, flood's everywhere. I can even hear jeepneys passing by our street now finding a faster and easier way out of the traffic brought about by scattered floods throughout the metro. What a mess!
  4. Lastly, I was depressed when I lost my wallet yesterday. I was sure I dropped it somewhere I can't remember but my guess was in the cab. I went in UST yesterday for a meeting about the Tour 'd Med. It started very late so it also ended very late. I was still on jet lag so I was a little groggy and out of my mind that time in the afternoon. I dropped by the Araneta Center to buy some school supplies and a new pair of school shoes. I was so tired already so I took a cab after shopping to go home. I am sure I still have my wallet by the time I got in to the taxi. When I was already home, it took me an hour before I finally realized that my wallet's missing in action. I was in panic. I think I still have 4 thousand bucks inside my wallet. I wasn't sure though because I already spent some to buy school supplies. I am not anymore interested with the wallet and the money. All I want are my IDs (Driver's license and PRC ID), ATM card and some important cards. Do you know how hard it is to get new IDs?! Well, I already went to the police station last night to report the incident AKA jot it down the blotter. And by the way, the wallet's made by Kenneth Cole. Wah!

I just need to vent out.


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Camille said...

hala cynical! jowk.. onga namiss ka namin wla ka knina.. hehe k lang yan. :) balik rant ba tau?

my-so-called-Quest said...

gudbye kenneth cole.
may darating na magandang kapalit.

pers week pa lng kaya dapat maganda mood natin=]
smile naman=]

philos said...

I know how hard it is to replace the ATM cards and what-have-yous... aside from the costs of actually replacing the cards, you'd have to actually get an affidavit of lost which just says that you lost. Sucks!

Anonymous said...

The other items in one's wallet are usually more important than the money inside. Buti na lang it hasn't happened to me or else I would lose my mind!

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