3rd year and 4th year students are the only medical students (probably just in UST, not sure with other schools) who wear V-neck uniforms roaming around the medicine building. 1st year and 2nd year students wear the I-dunno-what-it's-called uniform. All I know is that our previous uniform's not V-neck and the buttons are in the middle compared to the V-neck which is on the (R) side.

When you get used to the I-dunno-what-it's-called uniform, which is likely during the end of the 1st year, you can't wait to reach 3rd year so that you can wear the V-neck.

When you passed the Pharmacology course in 2nd year (which everyone believes is the most difficult 2nd year subject), you get too excited to wear the V-neck uniform.

And since only 3rd year students wear those V-necks inside the building because 4th year students or clerks are all wandering around the hospital, wearing something awesomely different from the rest makes you feel like some kind of a higher life form than the rest even if the basis is just in uniforms. Hehehe.

I'll be wearing my V-neck on Wednesday but I received a message just now that a team member should attend the Tour 'd Med meeting later. I don't think we are required to wear it today though because it's just a meeting for the following day's event. Ahahaha, I am just too excited.

Tour 'd Med is a yearly UST-med tradition which events the reception of incoming 1st year medical students to make them feel special and welcome. They are toured around the medicine building, meet different organizations, sports teams, frats and sors and oriented by poor second year students. First years are by the way considered spoiled. During that year, they have all the special privileges like the Tour 'd Med, the Medicine Night which is apparently considered only as 1st year Medicine Night, and other benefits that the higher years desire but cannot actually acquire.

A group of first year students meeting the org AMSA-UST inside the LRU (UST Medicine computer laboratory).

Wish us luck! I hope we can recruit good players this year!

Go for the Gold!

Woot! Woot!


Thanks to Jan Tyrone for the picture.

Picture was taken from his multiply, you can access it via HERE.

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philos said...

Welcome back Dac! Enjoy your final err... how shall I term it, less-toxic year hehe... have fun! And pasalubong namin! What's AMSA btw?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow.. u all have a lot of activities as a med student.. all we do here is only some get together occasionally and nothing else. It's all study and study and study.. =)

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