Attach, Detach, Attach again...

detachmentDid you ever realize why are there a lot of unhappy people?

Bowlby theorized that attachment behavior is responsible for most major depressions.

He has a point. Damaged attachment can be very hurtful and depressing. In attachment or being too attached, our life depends and sets into the ideals of where we are too much attached.

I am not only talking about attachment to people but also to material things.

Some would kill just to have money and power; people get in trouble because they can't live without luxury and fame. It's pathetic I know.

Life on earth isn't permanent but even if it is, relationships aren't. Even material things fade away, technologies become obsolete.

I am not promoting detachment here, my point is, we should learn how to practice and balance the two; that is a little attachment and a little detachment.

Before, I thought detachment is far better than being too attached.

It's probably due to my unstable and pathetic state before, during those times I was desperately looking for "answers" and overtly reading things about detachment.

Detachment reigned on me.

Then I realized that being too detached will also make a person unhappy. I know that great companions and pleasurable activities aren't permanent however living without experiencing great companies nor pleasurable activities is likewise not that enjoyable, It will not make me happy either.

I think it will make me more of a loser not enjoying my life, the fact that not all people can actually hurt me that much.

And I wouldn't want to die unhappy, and alone...

So it's just a sense of living or playing life safely.

What matter's I cherished some happy moments with people that I meet, I may not have a guarantee of being happy with them forever but just the mere fact that I became happy for a few seconds or even for days would be an utmost sublimity. More importantly, I on the other hand also shared some happiness to others.

Let's enjoy life! Yey!


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