We are probably not meant to be doctors, instead singers... or stage performers!

Last night was special and exclusive. It's been a long time since I felt like it. I can still remember my Jack's Loft birthday party in Eastwood, Libis with only very close and special friends.

Cruisers rummaging the long table, picas in every corner, and that special corner or rather room of Jack's Loft flocked with people of the same interest. I miss it and that was 3 years ago.

For the past 2 years, birthday parties were not ecstatic nor euphoric. It's lame. I was greeted with happy birthdays and cheered by people, some of them I don't know, and I assumed they really don't care, coz they also don't know me. People just go to parties to get drunk and meet new people. It's just like going to the usual random or spontaneously planned/unplanned parties.

But birthday parties should be different. It's a special day. It's not just an ordinary party day.

My point is, it's my birthday and I should be enjoying the party. Get the point? Then I came to realize that after those nights partying with people I rarely hang out with just make me feel tired and broke in the end; when party people are on their way back home, intoxicated.

It's fun but contented?


And when everyone's back to sobriety, who am I to them?

It felt useless. It's like only buying happiness. It's as easy as swiping your plastic card in one of your favorite stores.

Partying with people I rarely talk to or even know is more awkward than meeting with your Ex in a vacant, lifeless room. In other words, there's nothing to celebrate.

You can't just celebrate with random people! Duh...

That's why from then on, I don't like or as much as possible would not want to celebrate my birthdays together with other people's birthdays. They only happen once a year so I deserve to get all the attention and elation. Don't get me wrong, I am not hungry for overtures nor complements; but you probably got the point, everybody feels the same way. Coz it's your birthday or my birthday! Eryt?

Well, every birthdays I had was fun, I am pretty sure about it, but surrounded and celebrating it with people I really know is more of a choice. It's a preference. It's where I am most comfortable at.

It's not how grandiose the celebration would be, It's more of with whom I'd spend the event with.

It's not how many people will go to my party, what's important is that everyone enjoys each other's company.

It's not the classiness of the served food but rather the fun that we get while munching and indulging.

So after two years of lifeless birthdays, the essence's back.

(L-R front) Me the birthday boy, James, Melds, Cams, Hanna, Jacq, Carlos
(L-R back) Mike, Saki, Renz
Dinner @ Grilled Tomato, Tomas Morato

Thanks guys for the great company! Thank you for making last night memorable and so uber fun. Thank you for singing with and singing for me. Hehehe. May we continue singing on the same track forever.

I told them to wear stripes or else... Hahaha...
(L-R) Mike, the Author, James, Jacq)

DSC03958 DSC03975
Med students in their lively performances. (L) Jacq and Hanna, singing like there's no tomorrow. (R) Hanna, Carlos and Renz dancing to the tune of Stop by Spice Girls videoke-d by Cams.
Taken @ Centerstage, Tomas Morato.

And BTW, thanks for wearing all STRIPES! Just what I wanted...

Pictures can be viewed HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!

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Camille said...

sana lage may party at sana nandun lage si dingdong.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Videoke parties are fun, especially for the good singers. As for me, pang 'Singing Bee' lang ako - tama ang lyrics pero mali ang tono! LOL

BTW, congrats on your PR3!

ced said...

wowow! ang saya naman!

sana may vid na kumakanta ka at si doc cams! hehehe

belated happy happy bday!

mnel said...

belated happy birthday! =)

tagal ko di nakadaan dito. =)

GeoRge said...


Jun said...

looks like u had a wonderful bday!! :D happy belated!

philos said...

hey! Happy birthday dak! :)

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday... why wasnt i invited.. hehe joke:)

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