BK saved my day!

DSC03919Burger King is such a blessing.

And PLDT made me crazy again today.

The first incident was during the time I applied for their DSL service about a year ago or two. I can still remember how I insensitively cursed and scared those PLDT agents and operators. Who wouldn't anyway? It took them 2 months after I applied for their DSL before they finally installed the unit in our desktop.

Then yesterday, my brother texted me about our broken DSL connection. He mentioned that the connection stopped since Thursday night, he called PLDT's attention but they just said our connection's fine. It's probably my brother's desktop's that's broken. Okay, so probably.

When I was back home late last night, I checked my brother's PC and tried figuring out what's wrong. I hooked my laptop into the router, I also can't connect to the net. PLDT's busted, there's nothing wrong with my brother's PC nor mine.

I called them up today, I told them about our current no-Internet connection situation. I was furious! I only get the chance to use the Internet when I am home so this really bothered me.

The operator said they'll inform our case to the mechanic. He said they'll either call me back or someone will come and have the connection checked and fixed.

I asked him when will I expect them to call or arrive.

He said he'll report it today.

It's not the answer I was looking for. I was expecting him to give me the date and time. I badly needed it to be fixed already.

I asked him again the same question. Adding

"Can I expect them to come and fix my Internet connection today?"

He replied again with his irritatingly, incongruent and inappropriate answer.

Today, nobody called, nothing came up.

Med students can relate to this, the Internet is like one of those heavy books that we "collect". It's as important as the Harrison's Internal Medicine book. We connect with classmates and friends via the Internet. We actually need to be connected all the time.

Can you send the Colon Obstruction handout?

Is the radiology powerpoint already posted in the group?

Announcement: New case posted in Surgery e-leap.

Of course they will not fix it tomorrow because it's Sunday. So it's going to be 4 days on no internet connection. That's already a big discomfort.

So if ever PLDT can read this (I hope they would), your service is so jurassic. I am satisfied with the speed of your internet connection but I hope when your costumers get problems, your service will also be as fast as your internet connection.

Remember, we are paying monthly for an unlimited internet connection. The reason why we applied to your service is because we want to be in immediate access to the internet whenever we want to.

I was supposed to be back in the apartment today but since rain poured and my undershirts aren't dried yet, I can't just leave them and wear no undershirt next week.

So now I am in the nearest Burger King to avail their free wifi! Yey!

I already e-mailed my cousin her urgently needed information about bronchial asthma, and now I am looking for journals to be appraised on Monday and, ehem, of course blogging.

I also got the chance to try their new iced coffee! Yummmeee...

Thanks BK!

Okay, I think I should go home already... Bye!

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Anonymous said...

What can I say? It's the same incompetence from PLDT. But what can we do, they're already the 'best' there is. I've tried Globe, Destiny and Smart Bro(ken) and they're much worse! Kawawa naman ang Pinoy. Our best is one of the world's worst!

my-so-called-Quest said...

itapon mo na pldt mo! hehe

pero sana oks na ngaun connection mo. musta studies ha?

ingats palagi=]

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