Customary, concentric ideas

Is it possible for an eccentric individual to be converted to a centric?

I noticed that people who have an oh-so-low-low-low ego or low self-esteem is likely to get depressed. That's because they are eccentric. They avoid people.

I know how they feel, not that my ego's being stepped by people but for the reason that I think I am being used as an outlet for these low esteemed individuals.

It's sad right? Being used? I can't blame them though.

Vulnerability in situations like this is due to the fact that I listen to people. I can just sit there and not mumble; I just listen. The only time that I mumble is when the talking's over.

It is a good thing that some odd or eccentric individuals would change into better individuals.

People change. I am very open to changes. People don't change in just over a day. It is a long transition state. However, I noticed that many eccentric individuals, upon overcoming their insecurities, they tend to act very big and boastful.

It's like they're too hungry for praises and attention. They change from a person who doesn't talk that much or who don't go to parties often into a person who would always talk about themselves and are desperately trying to fit in to people.

They want to be accepted.

They are like delayed from their social development that they would rush things and rampantly express their newly acquired engorging ego.

They tend to talk a lot. They talk loudly.

An it's worse when they talk about themselves incessantly. All I hear is I am good, I am great, I am the best, I am rich, I am famous, I know him and her, I, I, and I.

They're like manics, talking about their grandiosity, joking about almost everything inappropriately trying to get everyone's attention like Batman's famous villain Joker. I also get too irritated when I listen to people who are stuck in their latency stage of their development, they always want to compete and would try hard to push you down.

So can an eccentric turn into a centric?


Even if they want to go with the flow because they already have a boosted ego, they can't. This boosted ego destroys them.

People would avoid them more.

It makes matters worse...


As I've always shared, I love to talk. But I can also be silent.

There even came a time when I considered Psychiatry as my future specialization, however, I realized that continuously listening to people's problem and even grandiosity bores me.

I can listen to your problem once, then I can share my thoughts and advices about it once. Repeating the same old problem to me bores me.

I know as a good friend, I should still listen but I don't get the point why people sometimes can't get enough of their problems, they just keep on going and going.

They probably aren't doing anything about it. Or stuck?

Owell, I am thinking about a lot of stuff lately... and it's weird that I've been away for a long time. Right?

It's been one of the most toxic week so far in 3rd year! I had 3 sleepless nights, and that is sleeping at 3 o'clock in the morning just to "almost" finish deadlines and review the must study lessons.

Although I was treated by my friend last Thursday to watch the new Batman movie which for me is the coolest movie this year at the Trinoma mall sponsored by the Titans fraternity, I still faced the consequence of finishing my patient's history at around 3 in the morning. Luckily, Friday wasn't that heavy, it felt heavy though for I lack sleep.

Okay, if you haven't seen the Batman movie yet, you should! But you'll be hating Batman's husky voice in his black suite. Hahaha...

But still, you'll love it. You'll feel sad that Heath Ledger will not be the next Joker. Of course because he's dead.

I also like Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance. Owell, I like her since The Monalisa Smile movie.

I hope everything will go smoothly next week for it will be my birthday!

Greet me, greet me!

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