Schizoid's week

A not so toxic week is supposed to be a good thing but I am wondering why during these times, my quizzes and exams are lower than the usual.

Last week was the hell-est week so far in 3rd year. It isn't just the tons of quizzes and exams that we had last week but also, our group was scheduled to present a case in Dermatology and Radiology.

The Radiology case presentation went well but not in Dermatology. It was a big and stupid mistake of my group to include pyogenic paronychia to our differentials when actually our patient presents with inguinal erythematous lesion.

What the hell right?

I know.

Since I was only assigned to discuss the history and physical examination of the patient, I didn't review the whole powerpoint presentation. I was shocked to see pyogenic paronychia as one of our differentials as a group member discusses the nail lesion.

Of course "she" noticed it. I did! And so as the whole class. Who wouldn't anyway?

I don't know who included it in our differentials but it was really a stupid "mistake". Of course it's a group presentation so there's nothing I can do; I am included. You can call me stupid nao. E?

Anyway, yeah it was really a hell week! It was a hell week but my quizzes and exams were higher than the usual.

This week however, is the most relaxed week! Classes were even suspended last Wednesday morning so we impulsively watched Wanted at the Gateway Mall the night before the suspended morning classes. It was cooler than Batman I swear! I know it's been on-screen for weeks already but what the hell, I heard it was good. And yes it was awesomely great!

Eugene, Cay, of course Me and Hanna @ Gateway Cinema.

Surgery quiz went okay, It was hard but tolerable. They said it was Samplex (Sample Exam) based. I didn't review a samplex so, I dunno... I'll just wait for the result.

Then Wednesday was my birthday! I am already 23! Yey!

Although it was a gloomy day and the sun wasn't shining to its full glory, I was cheered by my 2 friends when I met them during dinner time at MickyD's!

They surprised me with this mini cake and a new green cellphone cover.

I know I was too happy. The green cover's too cool for me not to be. Look at my eyes, you can barely see 'em! Hahaha...

Mudd cake, my birthday cake!

Thursday, I went jogging with med friends inside the campus. It rained though and the supposed to be 5 to 7 rounds ended up with just 3. Still, it's a fun day!

However, I got irritated today! I hope later's par-tay with friends would convert my mood into a manic type. Hahaha...

Pediatric surgery class was the usual, ended with a long quiz about abdominal and pulmonary defects. The audio in the discussion room was terrible but it didn't bother me and I listened intently.

Oh gawd, I hope I got most of the questions right... [cross fingers!]

Owell, I think I should go...

I wanna party already!

Oh oh oh... It's my birthday! Yey!

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Belated Happy Birthday Dak!

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