Reminds me of a friend when I saw this:


It's 8484 in my counter. Why did I remember him? Because he allegedly accused me of spoiling his most precious unique number combis like 888 or my 8484. Hahaha... Owell, I just want to share.

Owell, I am sorry. But I don't think I was the culprit. I didn't refresh, I told you I did, but it was a joke, besides, why would I refresh your page if WordPress would actually show my comment immediately after clicking the post button, right?

Just admit the fact that you have a lot of readers and they like what you write. So just jot down your thoughts and never empty your tea cup again!

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tagabukid said...


wanderingcommuter said...

uuuuyyy. HAHAHHA

Chyng said...

at dahil ngvisit ako, di na yan 8484!

done ang tag mo! ;)

Ely said...

di bale nang walang magvisit, huwag lang masira yung number? hehe

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