Babysitter for a day

I just got home from Trinoma Mall, watched You Don't Mess with the Zohan.

The original plan was to watch it last night with my brother but since he was too lazy to change clothes, it didn't work out. Even if I convinced him for hours.

While eating lunch today, Granny asked me if I can bring my 2 little (?) cousins out after lunch. They were done with their exams last week so, probably as a treat,

...go watch a movie.

I said

Sure! Why not?!

Actually. I should have said no. I'm nearing my exams, there's no way I am watching a movie on Sunday! But what the hell, I am still not in the mood to study!

That's me. I have a mood-dependent study habit. If I don't feel like studying, then I don't.

Okay, since I cannot handle those brats all by myself, I asked my brother to come with us. I told Granny that I still don't have classes until Tuesday, maybe... that's the reason why he asked me to bring those kids out today.

(R-L) Keith, the Author and Amiel. Look how big Keith is! His shirt's bigger than mine. ROFL.

Gateway mall was the first choice although the movie starts there at 1:30PM and we don't want to be rushing just to get there on time. So we resorted to Trinoma. Traffic wasn't heavy although parking was  hard to find. We passed by two parking gates that say

Full Parking.

Tsk tsk tsk...

So we ended up parked outside but not at the outskirt of the mall. It wasn't that bad after all because a covered bridge connects the parking lot to the mall. Cool huh?

The weather was hot, but tolerable. People were everywhere. Queues in the ticket booths were long. There were countless of people just hanging around, making free use of the A/C provided by the mall.

I didn't like the movie. It's funny but it's too graphic to be funny. Do you knoe what I mean? I dunno, maybe I was expecting it to be really very funny, but it didn't tickle me that much. Mariah Carey's appearance wasn't even exceptional.

After the movie the boys kept on asking me what's hummus. Because in the movie, hummus was apparently abused.

I was supposed to bring them at Mister Kebab and have them try and taste it but they refused after I said

It's like peanut butter but not peanuty neither buttery. It tastes like a mud or sumthing. Not that I already tasted a mud. It's some sort of like that. It's good with pita bread though.

Since they rejected my offer, we then started looking for a place to eat. Trinoma's too big and houses too many restos that they can't pick a place to eat! In other words, I chose where we ate.

I was craving for the Burger King's iced coffee so we ended up eating in BK. Sadly, the iced coffee was not available in that particular branch!


So there, I became their nanny for a day. Not that I don't like it, it actually felt like being a dad for a day. The feeling makes me want to have kids already (or just a kid for now). It's tiring but when you see them enjoy, it's awesome! Also, I noticed that these kids are growing up fast e?

Oh, it reminds me that I'm getting old... ROFL!

Okay, that's for today.

Oh wait, no. I am uploading some lecture pics. And it's taking a while for there's a lot! Am I trying to be generous? Probably. Well, I am really generous. Hehehe. They think the lecture slides would be of great help, I hope so... too!

Tonight, I am going to try reading some notes. If it doesn't work, there's always tomorrow. Right?



G'nyt earthlings!

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