Constant State of Going Nowhere...


That's me right thur! Resting my ass off. I am tired... of living this same old sh*t. I want to go away, take a flight like a thief in the night, go to another place where nothing ever seems to matter.

Exam week's almost over and I seriously sucked. It seems like I don't care anymore about the exams. I love this life but it feels so pointless and unrewarding. Yet?

Can this even be real? Or I am just going through some unknown process?

Am I just hiding? Sneaking around? Lying?

Can I take leaving everything behind?

Unknowing and taking the chance
Why not fly?
Why not try?
This constant game I play to stay high
But all is just a state of mind
All is reality of your choice
Constant evolution
Constant adaptation
The constant state of going nowhere.

an excerpt from the poem
The Constant State of Going Nowhere
AK (May 7, 2003)


BTW, I already finished DC, and I would like to correct what I stated that Jen Lindley has cervical cancer. I thought she has but the cause of her death was actually left sided heart failure.

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enegue said...

dak! yayain niyo naman ako magbadminton
nangangalawang na mga raketa ko:D

Camille said...

muka akong higante oh!!

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