Funny, Sarcastic but Sensible

My eyes were droopy as he discussed something on the board about statistics. It was our last meeting with him. I was trying to listen but sleeping at 3 o'clock that morning just to finish reading all the dermatology topics for the finals and waking up at 6 in order to take that 7 AM, 2-hour exam got me a little obtunded.

The dermatology exam was too easy, I should have not studied that much. I bet everyone got higher than 90 percent in that final exam. And the surgery quiz which I consider hard but tolerable was unexceptional and another of those based on sample exams.

I personally cursed him during our first encounter. Who wouldn't anyway? Let me tell you the story about how it all started.

First impression lasts as they say. Yes, I thought he was that easy, gentle and very friendly doctor-professor. He got me with all his jokes and funny remarks during the orientation day. My nerve at that time was very sure that our surgery small group discussions would be a breeze for the whole shift.

Reporting a case and 2 journals in his class was assumed to be easy to go through but no! I was wrong; we were wrong. I was shocked when he started yelling at me just as I started with my first few lines of the report.

As we were the first group to present a case in the class, I was in total shock. I was like:

What the hell is wrong with you?

We didn't expect him to be that harsh to students.

Yelling was followed by irritating and unprofessional comments you wouldn't want to hear or know. If I have a choice at that time to either stay there or just run away, I would definitely just walk out of the class, but... that would be very rude.

I started hating him when he then debunked my clinical impression as well as my primary differential diagnosis of the case. Although I made it thru his demeaning and insensitive remarks after ingenuously but sensibly justifying my opinion, I still think he's such an ass. Well, he's an expert in anal and rectal surgery you knoe.

So, let's call him Doctor Ass.

He's really very cruel, as in pain in the ass! I swear! Not to mention insensitive! We were tortured one by one as if we were the lowest creatures on earth. Even the lowest creatures I believe doesn't deserve what we went through.

I could have tolerated it if he was only criticizing my report, but he likewise degraded our dignities. Owkay, I am over reacting but it's true. I felt somewhat degraded at some point.

I almost cursed him to death not until lately, he's some kind of let us appreciate him... unconsciously.

He's not as bad as what I have pointed out. He's sarcastic but yeah... sensible. Probably his main concern is to really teach us what are the important, practical and reasonable.

His terrorizing remarks is just his front. Coz he's still jolly and cheerful after all. He just wants us to be scared of him to function well. Do you know what I mean? I also think that he did it on purpose to get our attention, for us to respect him as our professor and to remind us that yes he's knowledgeable and we are not, that's why he's there to teach us what we should and must know.

His way of teaching is unusual. And by the usual it means the what we knoe styles by some of our favorite professors; there's being so kind and helpful and SYMPATHETIC.

His was different. There goes the hating then you get desensitized as time goes by, until we finally realize his main point.

It's just sad that upon finally knowing his motives, after saying his final addendum. I just came to appreciate his kindness...

and sensitivity for that matter. [even just a little]

I suck right? I know cos I am so slow...

Cheers to Doctor Ass!

***But I still cannot forgive him for his unprofessional and offensive remarks. That's really way beyond the line. And he should thank me for giving him a space in my blog. Hehehe...

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tagbukid said...

he succeeded just the same and that's all there was to him...lessons learned the hard way eh? hehehe...:D

my-so-called-Quest said...

hay naku...
di namawawala ganyan doctor professor.
hayaan mo na sila dak.
btw, the worst is yet to come. lalo na pag nagduduty na tayo...

goodluck satin.=]

Jun said...

we hav a doc like tht too, but i'm not gonna give him any web space on my blog :P

Chyng said...

hi Dak!

i also believe that.
thanks so much! (--,)

wanderingcommuter said...

this post really reminded me of my law professor...hahaha. it sounds really the same dude. but the main difference is that you gave him a space on your blog. while i chose not. hehehe!

someday, when you are already practicing. in a way, you'll thank him....

LoStCaRLoS said...

He should read this...maybe he'll change after..then he can thank you!!hehehe

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