Gynecology 101

Recognize when patients may be seeking empathy and validation of their feelings rather than a solution. Sometimes, all that is necessary is to be there as a compassionate human being.

I read the above quoted line in Novak's Gynecology in the chapter that tackles about the initial assessment and communication with patients.

When I read it, I paused for a moment and thought the book's right.

It's so true, not only in Gyne patients but to everyone. There are moments when problems aren't supposed to be discussed. Sometimes, a friend and muted orifices are enough companions for a very depressing moment in one's life.

When I am depressed, words of encouragement to make me feel okay are sometimes too irritating to hear, because apparently I am not really ok.

Isn't it more often insulting to hear

It's ok... Don't worry...

because in actuality it's not?!

It's like someone greets you a happy birthday but you're not actually happy or it's not really your birthday. Lame...

Anxiety usually results from an unrecognized feeling and is really not due to a problem.

Sometimes, when I am sad, all I want is to be heard, to express my inner feelings and thoughts... I am not actually looking for an answer because sometimes there's actually nothing to solve. We sometimes have our own moments, moments when we feel crazy and pathetic. So all I want is someone who will listen and understand what I am feeling.

Just be there, to listen if I talk. Don't mumble anything.

Just stay...

So, would you mind staying?

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my-so-called-Quest said...

musta na pareng dak?
hope everything goes well!

who doesn't love gyne? haha


Camille said...

wow andami mo updates! andami ko nanaman babasahin nito.. hehehe.. kaya ka nassabihan na magaling eh. very good!sipag

AnnaMonique ♥ said...

Postpartal. :) I agree, kabadtrip ang tanung na "are you ok?" if obvious nman na not ok. Psych thing to, silence is therapeutic communication. Eung open ended question, non therapeutic. Hehe. Nice post.

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