Home sweet home

My schedule for this week is technically sloppy. It's exam week but unlike the usual school days wherein I should be in school at 7AM sharp and back at the apartment by 4 or 5PM, this exam week usually just take me about 2-4 hours stay in school.

Look, today I was in school for only 2 hours for the Radiology Exam. Tomorrow, my exam will start at 2PM, Thursday exams will start at 7AM until 12(?) and on Friday it's 8-10AM.

So I decided to you knoe, to take a break from my usual school-apartment routine and just go home everyday after classes for a week. And by that it means my home here in Quezon City.

I miss it actually especially the availability and accessibility of my needs. Like for example... this


I just got home and the helper prepared some snacks. Love this life!

Woot woot!

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Jake Tornado said...

Dude! Beware of those carbs!

Nice space you got here.

Thanks for visiting mine. :)

tagabukid said...

hahaha spoiled ka talaga sa inyo :D

Camille said...

angsarap naman nun.. ako turon ang lage pinammerienda ni ate nelia sakin dito sa bahay.. hehehe

bulitas said...

fried hotdogs and sandwiches! yum!
goodluck sa exams!

Chyng said...

i'll be staying in our HOME SWEET HOME too for a month!

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