I can't run, but I can hide?

I can't remember the last time I smoked since last night. Yes, I was too drunk to say no, and I felt that I needed it.

Oh now I knoe! I remember. The last time before last night was when I was also drunk in the streets of Cleveland. In downtown, particularly at BarFlyy. Gawd, I miss that club! Woot woot!

Cousins and friends @ BarFlyy, downtown Cleveland. Drinking and smoking can really help you get warm and comfortable coz it's freezing.

Three floors of pure fun fun fun! Diverse cultures, friendly bouncers, nice mixes, feel good music~ and not to mention some adulterated fun. No wonder it's always full of people, even in their verandas in a freezing night.

So, why did I smoke again? I dunno, it just happened.

Probably, maybe and uhmmm... Apparently I am trying to run away from reality. Which I cannot.

Last night, I felt hopeless leaving the apartment due to the heavy rain. The water was deep, waves almost reaching the garage of the apartment. We barely see the road, it's covered by stinky, cocoa-colored water. But it didn't stop me and my friend into going to the party. Because I really wanted to get trashed!

Along Laong Laan road of hopeless Manila. Poor UST students, they don't deserve to swim in this pool of leptospira.

Yes, I was really planning to get drunk and wasted. I wanted to horrify the party goers. I used to be like that when I was still in my teen years; years of being capable of doing anything inconstant, and I miss the way I was. Well, I was at the party, it paved way. Cos fortunately the rain got tired and we found a cab who's brave enough to swim.

Unexpectedly, I wasn't only drinking, instead I was gulping, left and right with Strong Ice and Cuervo! And that bar oh gawd, smoke's everywhere it made my eyes red, so I took the chance to not just horrify but also to please the crowd. So there, I almost got drunk. Almost.

SM Strong Ice, Cuervo and Calamari... I miss their company...

I thought I would be dragged home by my friends last night. I wasn't expecting them to take me home comatosed either.  But guess what? I was awake until the time I was back to the apartment that's still drenched by the recent shower, I even knoe what key to put in the hole, and was still competent enough to climb the stairs, switch the A/C on and sleep.

It was a great night. A respite from reality.


BTW, is Gossip Girl a blogger? Cos I think she is.  She has a website right? If yes then it's way to go! Well, I got curious and started watching the show. I think it's fun to watch, very classic!

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Camille said...

naku.. uminom nanaman pla sha!!
btw, you got tagged! AGAIN! hehe

wanderingcommuter said...

naks, namiss ko tuloy uminom bigla... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I used to get wasted almost every time I go out. But not anymore. Blogging has totally changed my social life. I still miss drinking though.

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