My brother and I met our parents and two siblings at SM North Edsa a while ago. They just got here from the province for a visit! Gawd, can't they just shop tomorrow?!

And so wandering around the mall, my dad's attention was diverted into this electronic drum set. He's been wanting to buy that kind of thing ever since. He already has a full drum set in the house. His complaint was that the drum set was too loud to play during the night so he wanted something that can be tuned the volume down. Another reason is that, he wants something portable and can be brought from one place to another easily.

Owell, he's not going to buy it. He doesn't have money. It's rainy season, who would actually build their houses during rainy season?

That was what I was thinking. My drummer brother was trying it out, as well as my little sister. They were really enjoying the drums.

My brother Raje and my sister Kelly-Clarkson-wannabe, Trish.

Then all of a sudden, the store guy was already wrapping the drums and put it in the the bag and its box. I was shocked. I never thought he would actually buy it. He's such an impulsive dad. Hay...

BTW, mom brought me a coffee maker and I made some coffee for everyone. Awesome.

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tagabukid said...

kakatuwa ang kuha ni trish hehehe feel na feel

Anonymous said...

Was your sister singing? ha ha. May future siya.

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