Malate Blues

Last Friday was my first ever visit to the streets of Malate. For me, it's located in a remote and inaccessible location of the metro. I live in Quezon City you knoe, and my city harbors equally amusing gimik places like the strip of Tomas Morato and Eastwood, Libis. So by that, it's just practical to just wander around somewhere near, right?

However, one of my friends celebrated her birthday in Malate last Friday, so I was there for the very first time. I wasn't comfortable walking along the streets because people were kind of look weird and I am sorry but I prototyped Manila to be an unsafe ground especially during gimik nights. People look at you like they want to devour you or something, hold you up and take away everything you have. Even your shoes.

Along M. Adriatico street lies an easy to miss restaurant called Cosa Nostra. Our friend brought us there because she thought it was a nice resto. She was right! I recently found out that the restaurant's name refers to the Mafia and is translated as "Our Thing". Why did they call the restaurant as such? I have no idea. The good thing is that it is indeed a 2 thumbs up resto. The place is so peaceful, vintage interiors, quality and reasonably priced food! There are a lot of food choices as well; pastas, pizzas, salads, baked meals and even steaks and fresh fruit shakes. I can say it's one of my ultimate dining experiences. Not that it's free because it was a birthday treat but really, it's sulit! If you want to bring your date into somewhere you can talk without the worries of spending much, then it's the place to be! Just make sure you make a reservation.

Inside the very peaceful Cosa Nostra. Pic grabbed from Carlos' multiply.

Despite the not so comfortable location of Malate, there were apparently a lot of people who love the place. Cars all over the parking lots, pedestrians filled up the narrow streets and deafening thuds of musical beats. It's an ultimate gimik experience and it felt awesome walking into the bright lights. Even though I was enjoying the tour, I just can't erase the thought though that something bad might happen.

As we walk along, we ended up bordered by clubs and disco bars popularly visited by the third sex. And out of curiosity, we found ourselves checking some items at Pride Exchange along the corner of Orosa and Nakpil street. Of course we didn't buy anything there; we were just there laughing at some things that are being sold especially the naughty underwears with weird straps and designs of animals. Owell, that's because some of my friends are still morally virgin with regards to these kind of stuff. It made me then realize that the topic of and issues about sex in the Philippines is changing, transcending and evolving into a more liberated nature. We are slowly embracing these certain stuff and practices despite our cultural background. I think Gary Lising first introduced this kind of sex shop cos I first saw a same kind of store which he owns located in Metrowalk.


Malate is like a jungle. An elegant jungle. The place might be a little chaotic but there's something about Malate that makes me want to go back. Probably because last Friday, I didn't get the chance to hit the dance floor and show my moves yet. Nyahahaha... Let's wait for that!

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wanderingcommuter said...

we have the same impression about the places outside our comfort zone. i never liked manila but i am amazed whenever i am there. it seemed like ive been in an entirely different place.

ced said...

haha, natawa ko dun sa description mo of how people looked at you. hehe. pero parang totoo.

glad you enjoyed that night. tara magshowdown ng dance moves. hehe=]

tagabukid said...

cosa nostra...the place to be?...isn't it supposed to be robinson's tag line? hehe nang-aasar lang. but yeah, i like their vegetarian lasana sans mozarella.

napadpad ba kayo sa Sala along J. nakpil? porcini mushroom risotto cake with brie and roast tomato is a sure yum.

hay nakow, fudtrip hehehe...

tutubi said...

i also live in QC but malate is no stranger to me :P

i used to wander there due to my previous work :P

Chyng said...

Malate - our hometown! Welcome Dak!

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