Mistaken Identity

Your order sir?

Tall, warm, hazelnut mocha please?

Your name sir?



As in D-A-K.


Way to go baristas at Starbucks, "The Columns" in Makati.

Quack, quack? Retards!

And puhleez! Your warm coffee felt like it came from your tap water or something... WTF?!

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Jun said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... quack quack!! maybe the barista's just got a twisted sense of humor, donald! ;p

Ely said...

hilarious!!! hahahahaahhahahahaahahahahahahahahaha. Was scrolling down and saw this. You just made my day! Quack Quack!

Camille said...

angsunget! andropause?? james and the baristas there are tight. hala lagot kahy bestfriend! :p

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