Must come to an end. Nah...

red_light Last Monday, I was too lazy to return to the apartment so I left the house at 11PM. Knapsack on my back, laptop on my hand, I took a cab.

UST, Dapitan via E. rod.

I didn't want to leave yet. But I should. I must be back to the apartment. It actually reminds me of my reality, of what my life should be, which is supposed to be a good thing. But then again, I don't want to be back just yet.

The driver must have crossed at least 7 red lights, not even stepping slightly on the breaks. Yes, I counted it since we were in Kamuning. He's stepping on the accelerator like there's no tomorrow. It's ecstatic, fun, awesome. I didn't mumble. I just sat there, staring at the blurry glass window as if trying to look for something out of the window. I thought that night must be it. The final escape. My sweetest and greatest escape.

I kept waiting for someone to hit us on either side. A big truck please... fast, blinding, unbearable, lethal.

But then I stepped out of the cab safe, agitated, euphoric and upset. Mixed emotions.

Salamat manong [Thank you, I said to the driver]

It wasn't my night. I am back.


I knoe...

I'm such a retard!


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wanderingcommuter said...

its just one of the phase of adjusting in your new place... hehehe. you'll surpass that---in MANILA. hahaha

tagabukid said...

adik! hahaha...i could just imagine manong driver's frustration when after giving his all trying to scare you out of your wits there there you were stoic and all nagpa-thank you pa!!! asar! hehe...pero di kaya suicidal din si manong that night, naghahanap lang ng 'makakausap' on his journey crossing the great beyond?

(hmmm...pero napa-ngiwi ako ng mabasa ko ang susunod mong post hahaha...argh!!!)

Camille said...

adik nga.. nagddrugs ka ba?? why do u keep on mentioning bout this escape thingie??

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