My impulsive mouth

Had a conversation with my aunt over the phone.


Aunt: James, we are here at the NSO (National Statistics Office). Can we stay there until 12NN because our papers will be released by 12.
Me: Sure.
Aunt: Is uncle around?
Me: Nope, he went to pick up Keith from school. He's sick. It's just me and the helper.
Aunt: Ahm, are you going to leave the house later?
Me: No, I don't have classes today and I need to study.
Aunt: Ok, so we'll be there in a while.
Me: Ahm ok. So, are you guys going to eat lunch here?
Aunt: [in a shy tone of voice] Ahm no, it's ok. Don't worry about it.

Was I being impolite?

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ced said...

hala! buti di nagtampo si tita?

GeoRge said...

I think you didn't need to ask her in the first place. They were the ones already asking to stay over. =)

Chyng said...

I think relative nowadays just come over without any notice. Good for you, they let you you know.. But i supposed YES, that sounds not-so-hospitable.. hehe

tagabukid said...

tingin ko di naman. kelangan lang maging malinaw. at yon ang ginawa mo. sensi lang talaga o di sanay ang ibang tao maging direct they'd rather play it by ear...:D

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