What does it mean when people say:

I am proud to be a Filipino!


Is it really something we should be proud about? I mean it came right through my thoughts as well. I had this good conversation with my cousin way back in the US. We were conversing about weird and offbeat topics like questioning the existence of God, the irony of playing a sport but not really enjoying it, and some more random and unconventional topics. One of our topics is this, being proud of your native root or whatever you call it, nationality.

Did we choose to be born as Filipinos?


So if not, and I was born in Japan, then should I be proud being a Japanese?

So just being born as a Filipino, I can say I am proud to be a Filipino?

Being proud is feeling pride or satisfaction in one's own achievements.

What is this achievement then?

What did we do as an individual that we should be proud of?

Manny Pacquiao is probably proud of himself but being proud as a Filipino?

Owell, your opinions are very welcome...

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joyfulchicken said...

I agree with you that it seems irrational to be fiercely proud of something that you didn't choose.

However, in the bigger picture, national pride does have its purpose. Properly brainwashed citizens can be motivated to sacrifice their personal good for the good of the country (or at least of the ruling powers).

Anonymous said...

I can't understand it either. But you know, Pinoy pride just shines through at times, unexpectedly.

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