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Studying with a cup of mint tea. With Solis'. Why not?! Starbucks, Tomas Morato's very popular among "students(?)" who want to primarily study and secondarily to flirt with the crowd.

Many times you will catch a person sitting more often than not alone surrounded by stuff [laptop, huge bag, cellphone/s, ipod, notes, big books, several highlighting markers] catching a glimpse of you. As you catch them staring at you, they pretend sipping their cup of coffee or tea whatsoever, and would look somewhere else as if it wasn't that obvious. Some of them look appealing and charming, but many seems scary and it's like they want to devour you or really trying to seduce. Nevertheless, I don't mind, I was there to study and not to find a one night affair wherein you feel guilty afterwards. But then again, you will consider it especially from a pretty lass on the couch, pretending to be reading her notes, but has some hidden modus.

And there you will realize how adorable and flirtatious some nerds could be. Owell, we're all just the same. It's like a jungle in here, we're animals wanted to be tamed.

I used to hang-out study in there too, not too long ago, but not too recent either. Last night, was like a visit down memory lane. Reminiscing the experience where I used to sit, on my favorite table and chair. The place didn't change that much, and it's still rummaged by a handful of medical students.

Actually it changed, but I've been there already after the major renovation. My point is, it didn't change that much after the major renovation. ROFL. It's just funny how they put up this coffee store, furnished it to a comfortable study place located in a strip of clubs, bars and restos.

Oh and I remember, there's this group of people who religiously go there before. It's a noisy group of law students I believe. They sit, not in group, but individually far apart from each other. Then after some time, one of them would debate against another from across the room! I know right? It's crazy.

It was all from the past. It felt good. It was alright.

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my-so-called-Quest said...

tara magreview jan=]

tagabukid said...

"It was all from the past. It felt good. It was alright."...just like the vintage brown starbucks cups filled with freshly brewed of freshly-ground Ethiopia Sidano :D

JohnBailor said...

nakikibasa lang po... it's been along time...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Places like Starbucks have plenty of them, those "look at me I'm busy" types! And please, I absolutely hate the noisy ones too, the debaters seeking attention. If they could only see themselves or hear what others are saying about them!

Jun said...

ah, good to revisit the past eh?

when r exams?

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