Batang Squatter

Dear Readers,

Yes, you. Whoever you are.

As we all know, Christmas is already apparent. Right? Look! We're in the "ber" month now and I can hear Christmas songs being played already over the radio. Unfortunately, a lot of poor people will again not be able celebrate Christmas for they are deprived even of their basic needs.

Let's give them the opportunity to experience Christmas the way we do. A friend of mine, asked for my help in promoting The Batang Squatter Project which is a Christmas sharing project to spread love and gifts this coming Christmas. Here's to quote a part of the e-mail:

The project Batang Squatter took off last December 2003 when the Dominion Church , a Christian sector, welcomed us to participate in the Christmas program they had organized for the children in Munoz market. The grateful smiles on the faces of these children we barely knew confirmed the joy that we felt in our hearts that indeed sharing is a blessing.  When one person gives, it is not just to the one who receives who benefit but also the one who gives selflessly to make someone happy.

The Spirit goes where the wind blows and touches people’s hearts. And as the cliché goes: the rest is history.

From 2004 we have been bringing joy on Christmas Day to children and their families living outside the walls of Pilar Village in Las Pinas. We do this by distributing bags of goodies, raffle prizes, and providing them with snacks.  Thanks to the continued generosity of our patrons who, much like the seed of kindness, have been growing in numbers through the years.

Here's what happened last year:

This year, we are asking for you help to make everyone's Christmas very happy, not just in our own grounds but also to those less fortunate kids and individuals, in order for them to experience Christmas the same way we do. This year The Batang Squatter is hoping to share the blessings with 1,000 children. They will give bags which will consist of essential food items such as rice, canned goods and noodles.

The Batang Squatter project is now accepting cash donations until November 15. They can also arrange to pick up non-perishable goods within Manila and Cavite areas not later December 15.

If you are interested in sharing what you have this Christmas, and I know you are... you can e-mail me so that I can give you the details in sending money or in sending goods. Or if you have questions, just e-mail me or better yet, leave it as a comment.

e-mail me here:

On behalf of The Batang Squatter Project, we thank you for sharing with us your blessings.

Medicine Week 2008 Part 1

Since I was too busy like a bee, I almost forgot t'was actually med week! Gawd! What is wrong with me?! The first day, was of course the opening day. The med student council offered free ice creams to the first 500 med students who came in early. I am not usually an early bird but since that Monday morning was the report day I was anxiously anticipating, I must be in school very early and I think I was already in the plenary by 6.30, thus acquiring a free stub for the free ice cream! Yey!

Before I talk further about med week, let me share first what happened during our case presentation. The report was okay, not until it came to my part wherein I discussed the patient's course in the ward. The patient's course in the ward simply shows the resident's approach in treating the patient. Of course there were a lot of questionable moves and procedures done so I was kind of stuck into covering up the resident's mistakes. There were a lot of questions that I and as well as my group never anticipated. But then with the help of Dr. toot-toot, she kind of like gave us hints to the answers, so it wasn't really that bad cos we were still able to answer the questions, reasonably.

I'm happy it's finally over! Unluckily, two weeks of unrelenting preparation for the presentation failed me twice in Medicine in a row. It would have been better if I only failed a single point per quiz, but no! I failed big time. Owell, enough! After all, I had my free ice cream!

My favorite second day event?


It was my favorite that I made sure I have it all covered.

I didn't join, but I was there to cheer for my classmates! Unfortunately, they were beaten by some deprived second years. Boohoo! Owell, those second year students were too hungry for BALOT!

Ok... so can you do this? Are these people even medical students? Balot? 5 balots? Hypertension guys? Ring a bell?

Flying where?

First semester's about to end and we're sooo hungry for a vacation, a long one that is. I am starting to experience the what we call Sembreak syndrome. Yikes, it's when all of a sudden, I get too lazy to study and daydream about where and what am I going to do for the 2-week short period of recharging from medschool. And where am I going?

That's a secret I'll never tell... just yet. So wait.

DSC00267 -3

Yes, I am going somewhere I've never been before. This flight's been long overdue, and this is it! It's finally sure! I booked a flight with my friends, but I am not going to tell where we are going, yet.

All you need to knoe for now is that I am going to enjoy for sure! Hahaha...

Just wait, let me share it to you when I am finally there...

Do you know Emily Strange?

logo-56 The girl behind the Victoria Court logo... Familiar? Come on!

Why did they use a 13 years old girl sporting a long black hair with bangs, wearing a big white Mary Jane shoes, a short black dress and a pair of stockings? Can't they just find a more appropriate logo?

Except that of course they modified her in the motel logo and she's already striking a "hush" pose. Meaning? Well, you decide what.

Actually, I was trying to recall her name when I told a friend that the famous or hmmm... let me say infamous motel's logo was actually based from her.

Now I remember, she's Emily Strange!


...It's so Emily... So strange. Why use a 13 year old fictional counterculture character?

Owell, just a thought...

I bet this will be my only entry for this week! Gawd! Dr. toot-toot is making my (actually our group's) life soooo miserable. She's a great facilitator but she's so Me-Myself-and-I! She wants this, she wants that. Our presentation's been edited and revised for like a hundred million times already, yet she's not so satisfied instead wanting more revisions. She wants it to be presented her way and not ours. How can we be comfortable about it then? I know it has flaws, we know our case presentations not very perfect, but can't we make it on our own where we are most comfortable? I know it would be expressed and discussed well if we'll do it on our own way. All we need is her guidance but it seems like she wants it to be discussed like she will be the one discussing it or something. This is so not good. I don't feel like doing this after hearing all the revisions she wanted. I've set my mind to report it in class with a flow. And for me, everything's back to zero. This sucks!

I am soooo intoxicated... I hope everything will go smoothly on Monday, then after that... if everything fails, you can shoot me.

Wish us luck!

Am I that Desperate?!


I received 2 weird mails for the past 2 weeks; electronic mail that is and not the jurassic snail mail our grannies fancy about. And these e-mails are kinda odd, especially the second one.

First e-mail came from the Nuffnang:


Hi Bloggers:

How's blogosphere?

By the way, Nuffnang has prepared some promo for you entitled 68 Bloggers We Want You! It's the first for Nuffnang PH so you better check this out.

It's very easy Nuffnangers, we know you can do it! For complete details please refer to this link .

Have a great day!!!

Best Regards,

Nuffnang Admin

And so I followed. I checked the link and it's basically and apparently about advertising. Surprise! ROFL. Since Nuffnang is still a Pinoy baby, and by that it means that it's still new in the Pinoy blogosphere, I guess it's just right as a first step... to promote itself! Right? Still didn't get what it's all about? You might as well want to follow the link. HERE, click!

I signed up at Nuffnang weeks before it was finally launched here in Pinas. How? I actually followed a link via a Malaysian blog that I frequent, but I thought that during that time, it was not yet available in the Philippines, but I was surprised that I was able to sign-up!

And now as a blogger and as a Glitterati member, they want me to promote them. Ok I will, cos I fancy Nuffnang.

So basically, Nuffnang is a blog advertising company in Asia serving Malaysians, Singaporeans and now the Filipino bloggers! Yey!

Before, I didn't want to monetize my blog cos I think pressure to write more often will arise and there's the need to increase my blog traffic, but then again what the heck, it's just an ad.

It's very easy to become a Nuffnanger, it's as easy as 1-2-3... and 4. And did you know that your compensation is very easy to get. Owell, I haven't received any cheque yet but that's what "they" said. It'll be sent directly in your hands. No bank accounts needed blah blah blahs... Cool huh? Nuffnang indeed!

What I also love about it is that their page is so easy-to-use-Beta. Just keep on clicking and you'll never get lost cos their page is ahm, animated. They can also monitor your visitors, connect you to other Nuffnangers, and they host events for bloggers! Yey!

So, are you interested?!

So here's the simple 1-2-3-4: (but I think 1-2-3 will do)


First, of course you need to register as a blogger and not as an advertiser. Ok? It will not take you enough time. There are just few and simple informations you should share to them, and voila! You're in! Click here to sign up!

Second, you need to add an ad in your site. Just copy and paste the codes - very easy. If you are having a hard time doing it, they also have an easy to follow instructions depending on your blog host.

And lastly, just blog away. Just be yourself and do your regular blog rounds. There's no worries or any other must-do-next stuff. Eventually, you'll start getting money.

How simple is that!?

Second e-mail came from The Hilt:


1 September 2008

securedownloadDear Mr. James Abraham Alala: (Wrong spelling!)

We would like to invite you to the launching of The HILT – an online-mediated social affairs circle geared towards providing alternative weekend escapes and happenings to young people in the metro. It will be held at the PETA Theater along Eymard Avenue nr. E. Rodriguez, Quezon City on September 12, 2008 at around 7pm.

Please feel free to check out our site at and send us your preferred delivery address for your personal invitation by calling 411XXXX or texting 091784XXXXX

Live life to the HILT! Let’s put an end to boredom!

Many thanks,

Peter Pelayo

Brand Manager

What is this all about?! End to boredom? I got curious.

I checked their site and here's what I found:

The Hilt -- an elite circle of singles who seek an escape from regularity, and want to spend their precious time doing interesting things and meeting new people. As part of the Hilt List, you will have access to a menu of exclusive affairs that promise just that. You will have the privilege of joining others just like you in the most creative, most stimulating experiences that can turn ordinary weekends extraordinary. In short, getting on the Hilt List means putting an end to your boredom.

What is this promo?! Am I bored?! So they think I am... So they sent me an invitation?

Meet new people?! Like a blind date?! Am I that desperate?!

ROFL. No! Sorry but FYI I am not bored.

And why would I accept their invitation if they don't even know how to spell my name correctly...

Just an advice, please double check your database and puhleez change your ad line... it's quite offending to invite a person cos according to you we're bored and not doing any interesting stuff in life. Or to invite us cos we're boring people if that's even your main point. That's all!

Sweet in the Box

Last night, I was in Serendra. Ate dinner at Zao, a Vietnamese restaurant because it was my friend's birthday celebration. But I am not going to talk about it nao. Dinner at Zao will be featured next time.

As usual, I was back home in the AM, maybe at around 2, I can't really remember. I wasn't drunk, I can't cos I hafta drive.

I bought and brought home some goodies... for my brother and for myself of course. What's in the bag? Make a guess.


It's edible, sweet, colorful and hmmm... quite pricey for a piece of pastry. But it's oh-so-good!


There you go. Yes, cupcakes that's worth my lunch for a day in school! Gawd!


The Lemon Drop Vanilla cupcake tumbled inside the box, probably while we were wandering around The Fort so the icing's left sticking inside the box. And the Mint Condition Chocolate cupcake, still intact but a little melted.

I like the chocolate better, and the mint icing's amazing. It felt like munching a chocolate cake while brushing your teeth. Hahaha... yummy... but it sounds gross right?

Just an advice, when you eat these cute little cupcakes, don't eat the icing separately, first or last, cos it's too sweet to handle, unless you are an ant, but I knoe you are not. Eat each cake slowly, with a 50-50 proportion of the cake and the icing. Upon doing so, gawd! Ultimate Experience. Indeed the best cupcake in the city. And if not, then you're wasting 70 bucks worth of cupcake. So just do it.

Visit the store:
Cupcakes by Sonja
Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Gawd, this is a free promotion, hah!

LUISA Project and RA

Rheumatology class wasn't really that boring as to what everyone had considered before. Last week, we had a Patient-Partner activity wherein we got the chance to meet some rheuma patients. I think it's only UST who has a program like this in all the med schools in the Philippines. We were introduced to 6 Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) patients, some are in their active stage and others in their latent. Rheumatoid arthritis is not the usual arthritis a lot of people know. Commonly complained by the elderly individuals such as osteoarthritis and gouty arthritis are different kind of arthritis. For those who doesn't know, arthritis is a disorder of assortment.

So basically, Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the joints. As we all know, our immune system is the one responsible for attacking invasive microorganisms that may enter or invade our body. So when we say autoimmune disease, it is a disease wherein there is a destruction of tissues by the body's own immune system. In other words, the immune system is some kind of deranged. And the tissues that are involved in this condition are the joints so they are continuously destroyed and into a certain extent even extend to the bones and are eroded, leading to deformity.


The patient that was assigned to us was Mila. She's friendly, soft spoken and sophisticated. Although she has rheumadoid atrhitis for decades, she still looks so glamorous and happy. She loves to watch movies and she can still drive on her own using her shift-stick wheels! Amazing huh?

She shared to us her experiences as she copes with life carrying with it the debilitating (but not to her) disorder. She can still remember the first symptom she felt.

Due to her condition, she already had bilateral hip joint replacement, an elbow joint replacement and I think also her knee was also replaced.

She also told us her unusual encounters and stories with different doctors she consulted, some are exceptional. But what caught our attention, or maybe it's just me was when she finally revealed and shared her stuffs which make her life a lot easier, for her hand joints are too deformed to function well. So here are some of her stuff:

DSC00247 DSC00246 DSC00245 DSC00249 DSC00248
So basically, her personalized stuffs improve her manual dexterity cos her joints are deformed. The main point is that all the handles should be large enough for easy handling and so she can easily grab and manipulate these things. Very clever!

So, there, what I learned from Mila is that there is life in rheumatoid arthritis. Many RA patients especially those who recently acquired the disease tend to lose hope. It's not the end of everything even if it causes so much pain and burden. It's debilitating but if we know how to deal with it and to fight against it, life would be as it is, beautiful.

BTW, can you guess who's my model above? Hahaha...

Another thing that caught my attention was this LUISA Project. So, in rheumatology, it's not all about joints but we also discuss these certain autoimmune conditions which many people are not aware about. LUISA Project is all about patients with Lupus or SLE. Basically, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or just Lupus is a chronic disease that causes the immune system to mistakenly attack the body’s own healthy cells.  The disease causes a host of debilitating symptoms which can eventually lead to tissue damage, organ failure or even death.  It affects mostly women in their childbearing years, with the highest prevalence among Asians, Africans and Hispanics.

According to the LUISA Project website, there is a growing perception that lupus is more common and more severe among Asians including Filipinos; however, there is scarcity of data to verify this impression.  The LUISA Project actually defines and address the burden of illness of lupus among Filipinos, heighten public and private sector interest and diagnosis and treatment of the disease in order to attain optimal quality of life for patients.

The LUISA Project also seeks to enhance physician and patient education, develop and sustain self-help programs for patients and care-givers, in close coordination with local lupus support groups and to provide educational and travel grants for physician trainees and international experts in lupus.

Amazing right?

Let's support LUISA now!

All New Season

September is the start of a new season. I am referring to seasons of our favorite TV shows and not the winter, spring, summer and autumn. Owell, here in Pinas we only have 2 seasons, summer and rainy. Hahaha...

For me, these shows that I watch are the Grey's Anatomy, House M.D. and the newly included in my list, Gossip Girl. And I've removed some of the shows that I used to watch for a lot of reasons.

Of course, in watching TV dramas, we expect the creators to make a lot newer plots and twists. Or else, people will just get tired watching 'em. And there's the reason why you really watch the show. It's not all just about the connection and the dramas that we can relate ourselves to. We watch the show because it is not just entertaining but also because of the appeals of many of the casts. Am I right? Right...

So what should we expect from these 3 shows this season?

Grey's Anatomy

I actually hated how the season 4 ended. Candles? Anyone? Meredith created this floorplan of their future house using candles and showed it to Derek, pointing out where will be their bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen and kids' room, etc. Sweet?! Nah... I find it very cheesy and lame. Not just that, while doing so...

Stupid, corny, idiotic, I can't believe I did this. Stupid, loser, son of a ... I could be at home instead of ... oh stupid, stupid brain man!

- Meredith

See? Yes, exactly. Really corny. I didn't buy it. I never went out just so I could watch the 2-hour season finale. And it sucks! Hard! course, Derek's heart melted and they ended up again as "together". It's so predictable, and like I said... lame.

I am not really a big fan of the Meredith-Derek tandem. Not even to Meredith per se. I like her sister a lot better, Lexie? Yes, even if she's not the main character, she's one of the reasons why I really watch the show.

So for season 5, what are we going to expect? For me, it's the fireworks coming out between Dr. Hahn and Dr. Torres. Because it's not overrated. Hahaha... And again, Lexie.

House M.D. miss the old team so badly. Even if they're still constantly appearing in every episode, I really want them to get back to House. I think they're a lot smarter, and they look better as a team, right?

The good thing and what's interesting about the new team is member Number 13. She still has no real name. She's really mysterious having no name yet, and there's a hint that she's likely a bisexual, talk about her conversation with Foreman and how House referred to her as "can go in both ways", even calling her "31".

As much as I don't want Number 13 to leave just yet in the the next season, I think  she will. She genetically tested herself and found out that yes, she acquired her family's defect which is Huntington's disease. Owell, I don't want to explain the disease further, just Google it out. Or just type it in my search bar on the upper right corner of my page.

What to expect this coming season 5? Most likely a crack between House's and Wilson's friendship. Cos as we all knoe, or just so you knoe if you don't, Amber, who is Wilson's special someone died because of House. Owell, not directly because of House. Ok, if you didn't get the point, you should probably watch the show.

Gossip Girl

Actually, the new season already arrived last September 1. And I just saw the episode a while ago. Based on my impression, it's going to go down... I mean the show will not much drag attention this season. The scandals last season were I think far more interesting. And now, the show's focusing more into how glamorous the characters live, and I am not really interested with that. Owell, prove me wrong, let's just watch the next episodes.

Although a lot of people like Blair much than Serena. I disagree, I like Serena more. And I think she says her "sorry" and "promise" very lovely. And her voice is just so addicting.

What to expect this 2nd season? I dunno, blogger Gossip Girl will just tell us about it. Unless, she'll finally reveal her true identity, which I doubt.


So I think basically, let's not expect anything, because we might end up frustrated and losers for that matter when it didn't meet our expectations, right? Gawd! What a realization!


Lexie's Photo: TimeInc
Number 13 and Taub's Photo: BuddyTV
Serena's Photo: Summerskin

What I get in Return!

Remember my entry about my wallet that I left inside the cab? It happened like a few days after I arrived from a long vacation, still in jet lag.

I was sooo depressed during those times. I lost like 4 thousand bucks and several cards like driver's license, PRC ID, ATM Card and some more important cards! Not to mention, the wallet was brand new! I bought it when I was in the US in match with my passport jacket. It was a Kenneth Cole wallet.

Two months had passed, I received a package from my lovely cousin in the US. I actually told her I lost my wallet during the peak of my depression. Hahaha...  I wasn't actually really depressed, I was just saddened a little. She said she'll check the store if the particular design is still available and she'll buy me a new one.

Owell, okay, I wasn't sure if she just said that to brighten my mood a little or she's actually serious.

I was shocked to see this today!

Tada! I easily remembered this hard shell container! I can only imagine what's inside of it now...

I opened it slowly...


Woah! Yes! It's the same kind! Yey!

My cousin practically knoes what I really want and I am glad that she remembered the exact design! I think they also have a brown color but I like the black one better.

The problem now is that, what would I be putting inside?

My driver's license is still the temporary easy-to-rip printout, I haven't applied yet for a new PRC ID, my ATM account is still frozen and the card not yet replaced. Other cards aren't yet renewed and acquired. Hmmm...

Patience is the virtue...

...but not of my...

Well, I think I should keep this wallet first and just use it on special occasions, Or! When I am a little deranged to use it, Or! When I already gathered all my cards... And that would be... I dunno... When I already have the time to update everything.

Ok! G'night earthlings! I need to go back to the apartment pronto!

Baby Stabilo Boss

Since it was raining cats and dogs last night, I had a strong feeling that the UST area was again soaked under deep waters due to the continuously pouring rain.

Since I brought my Medicine notes with me just in case I was really in the mood to study plus a rumor that reached my cellphone that it's flooded already near the apartment, I decided to not go back yet.

My clean uniforms are all in here. The problem was, I had no shoes to wear the following morning and my nameplate's in the apartment. So I checked my old shoe boxes and found my old black shoes I used to wear during my internship days as a medtech; it still looks like in good condition, it's just that it's covered with dirt and I am not pretty sure if it's going to stay whole and okay upon usage for the rest of the day. Shoes are not as durable as you think they are and it's been hidden in my closet for almost 4 years that a slight maceration or manipulation might pave way to its overall destruction.

Good thing, it didn't break into pieces when I tried it on.

Part of our study rituals as medical students is the use of reliable highlighting markers. Since I only brought here my reading materials and not my whole study desk, I lack paraps to suit my study needs.

So I borrowed some of my brother's markers. After a few moment, he took them away. I can't complain cos they're his and he also needs to study.


I went downstairs and checked some of my little cousins school stuff and found this orange Stabilo Boss Mini! Yey! It's actually my first time to see such kind! It's sooo cute! I don't even know where they got it. Ion't think it's available here in Pinas cos I haven't seen the same kind before!

If iPods have iPod Nanos, why not in Stabilo Markers? Here's Mommy Stabilo Boss and Baby Stabilo.

I think it's really cool! I mean it's very handy dandy, it fits into every pocket! I am not a big fan of orange markers. I usually use yellow and green but this little creature made me want to love orange, hahaha.

Another good thing about it is that a collection of these Mini markers will not make our purse bulky. I have a blue, an orange, 2 green and 3 yellow markers! Can you imagine them all fitting in a pencil purse? It's indeed too bulky and heavy.

Owell, it's a brilliant idea that they created this version. I mean everything's turning into micro-stuff, so they might as well go with the fad right?

I brought it in school today and everyone's kept asking where did I get it. Some were even envious. Hahaha... Owell, I didn't knoe, how would I knoe? I just said that I found it in the house.

I probably should ask my cousins where they bought it. Cos I badly need Mini yellows and greens as well. Pft!