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September is the start of a new season. I am referring to seasons of our favorite TV shows and not the winter, spring, summer and autumn. Owell, here in Pinas we only have 2 seasons, summer and rainy. Hahaha...

For me, these shows that I watch are the Grey's Anatomy, House M.D. and the newly included in my list, Gossip Girl. And I've removed some of the shows that I used to watch for a lot of reasons.

Of course, in watching TV dramas, we expect the creators to make a lot newer plots and twists. Or else, people will just get tired watching 'em. And there's the reason why you really watch the show. It's not all just about the connection and the dramas that we can relate ourselves to. We watch the show because it is not just entertaining but also because of the appeals of many of the casts. Am I right? Right...

So what should we expect from these 3 shows this season?

Grey's Anatomy

I actually hated how the season 4 ended. Candles? Anyone? Meredith created this floorplan of their future house using candles and showed it to Derek, pointing out where will be their bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen and kids' room, etc. Sweet?! Nah... I find it very cheesy and lame. Not just that, while doing so...

Stupid, corny, idiotic, I can't believe I did this. Stupid, loser, son of a ... I could be at home instead of ... oh stupid, stupid brain man!

- Meredith

See? Yes, exactly. Really corny. I didn't buy it. I never went out just so I could watch the 2-hour season finale. And it sucks! Hard! course, Derek's heart melted and they ended up again as "together". It's so predictable, and like I said... lame.

I am not really a big fan of the Meredith-Derek tandem. Not even to Meredith per se. I like her sister a lot better, Lexie? Yes, even if she's not the main character, she's one of the reasons why I really watch the show.

So for season 5, what are we going to expect? For me, it's the fireworks coming out between Dr. Hahn and Dr. Torres. Because it's not overrated. Hahaha... And again, Lexie.

House M.D. miss the old team so badly. Even if they're still constantly appearing in every episode, I really want them to get back to House. I think they're a lot smarter, and they look better as a team, right?

The good thing and what's interesting about the new team is member Number 13. She still has no real name. She's really mysterious having no name yet, and there's a hint that she's likely a bisexual, talk about her conversation with Foreman and how House referred to her as "can go in both ways", even calling her "31".

As much as I don't want Number 13 to leave just yet in the the next season, I think  she will. She genetically tested herself and found out that yes, she acquired her family's defect which is Huntington's disease. Owell, I don't want to explain the disease further, just Google it out. Or just type it in my search bar on the upper right corner of my page.

What to expect this coming season 5? Most likely a crack between House's and Wilson's friendship. Cos as we all knoe, or just so you knoe if you don't, Amber, who is Wilson's special someone died because of House. Owell, not directly because of House. Ok, if you didn't get the point, you should probably watch the show.

Gossip Girl

Actually, the new season already arrived last September 1. And I just saw the episode a while ago. Based on my impression, it's going to go down... I mean the show will not much drag attention this season. The scandals last season were I think far more interesting. And now, the show's focusing more into how glamorous the characters live, and I am not really interested with that. Owell, prove me wrong, let's just watch the next episodes.

Although a lot of people like Blair much than Serena. I disagree, I like Serena more. And I think she says her "sorry" and "promise" very lovely. And her voice is just so addicting.

What to expect this 2nd season? I dunno, blogger Gossip Girl will just tell us about it. Unless, she'll finally reveal her true identity, which I doubt.


So I think basically, let's not expect anything, because we might end up frustrated and losers for that matter when it didn't meet our expectations, right? Gawd! What a realization!


Lexie's Photo: TimeInc
Number 13 and Taub's Photo: BuddyTV
Serena's Photo: Summerskin

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Jun said...

omg u like gossip girl too?!!! :D dun u think serena kinda looks like meredith? :P

Camille said...

haha.. funny i was thinking bout this one just this afternoon on my way home-meredith looking like serena..

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