Am I that Desperate?!


I received 2 weird mails for the past 2 weeks; electronic mail that is and not the jurassic snail mail our grannies fancy about. And these e-mails are kinda odd, especially the second one.

First e-mail came from the Nuffnang:


Hi Bloggers:

How's blogosphere?

By the way, Nuffnang has prepared some promo for you entitled 68 Bloggers We Want You! It's the first for Nuffnang PH so you better check this out.

It's very easy Nuffnangers, we know you can do it! For complete details please refer to this link .

Have a great day!!!

Best Regards,

Nuffnang Admin

And so I followed. I checked the link and it's basically and apparently about advertising. Surprise! ROFL. Since Nuffnang is still a Pinoy baby, and by that it means that it's still new in the Pinoy blogosphere, I guess it's just right as a first step... to promote itself! Right? Still didn't get what it's all about? You might as well want to follow the link. HERE, click!

I signed up at Nuffnang weeks before it was finally launched here in Pinas. How? I actually followed a link via a Malaysian blog that I frequent, but I thought that during that time, it was not yet available in the Philippines, but I was surprised that I was able to sign-up!

And now as a blogger and as a Glitterati member, they want me to promote them. Ok I will, cos I fancy Nuffnang.

So basically, Nuffnang is a blog advertising company in Asia serving Malaysians, Singaporeans and now the Filipino bloggers! Yey!

Before, I didn't want to monetize my blog cos I think pressure to write more often will arise and there's the need to increase my blog traffic, but then again what the heck, it's just an ad.

It's very easy to become a Nuffnanger, it's as easy as 1-2-3... and 4. And did you know that your compensation is very easy to get. Owell, I haven't received any cheque yet but that's what "they" said. It'll be sent directly in your hands. No bank accounts needed blah blah blahs... Cool huh? Nuffnang indeed!

What I also love about it is that their page is so easy-to-use-Beta. Just keep on clicking and you'll never get lost cos their page is ahm, animated. They can also monitor your visitors, connect you to other Nuffnangers, and they host events for bloggers! Yey!

So, are you interested?!

So here's the simple 1-2-3-4: (but I think 1-2-3 will do)


First, of course you need to register as a blogger and not as an advertiser. Ok? It will not take you enough time. There are just few and simple informations you should share to them, and voila! You're in! Click here to sign up!

Second, you need to add an ad in your site. Just copy and paste the codes - very easy. If you are having a hard time doing it, they also have an easy to follow instructions depending on your blog host.

And lastly, just blog away. Just be yourself and do your regular blog rounds. There's no worries or any other must-do-next stuff. Eventually, you'll start getting money.

How simple is that!?

Second e-mail came from The Hilt:


1 September 2008

securedownloadDear Mr. James Abraham Alala: (Wrong spelling!)

We would like to invite you to the launching of The HILT – an online-mediated social affairs circle geared towards providing alternative weekend escapes and happenings to young people in the metro. It will be held at the PETA Theater along Eymard Avenue nr. E. Rodriguez, Quezon City on September 12, 2008 at around 7pm.

Please feel free to check out our site at and send us your preferred delivery address for your personal invitation by calling 411XXXX or texting 091784XXXXX

Live life to the HILT! Let’s put an end to boredom!

Many thanks,

Peter Pelayo

Brand Manager

What is this all about?! End to boredom? I got curious.

I checked their site and here's what I found:

The Hilt -- an elite circle of singles who seek an escape from regularity, and want to spend their precious time doing interesting things and meeting new people. As part of the Hilt List, you will have access to a menu of exclusive affairs that promise just that. You will have the privilege of joining others just like you in the most creative, most stimulating experiences that can turn ordinary weekends extraordinary. In short, getting on the Hilt List means putting an end to your boredom.

What is this promo?! Am I bored?! So they think I am... So they sent me an invitation?

Meet new people?! Like a blind date?! Am I that desperate?!

ROFL. No! Sorry but FYI I am not bored.

And why would I accept their invitation if they don't even know how to spell my name correctly...

Just an advice, please double check your database and puhleez change your ad line... it's quite offending to invite a person cos according to you we're bored and not doing any interesting stuff in life. Or to invite us cos we're boring people if that's even your main point. That's all!

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wanderingcommuter said...

naku, parang triny ko ang ad dati actually kahit hanggang ngayon meron pa naman siya pero parang for three months now... mga $1.25 pa lang naiipon ko. hahaha

Fjordan Allego said...

oo nga kahit ako nababgalan sa ads.. panu ba yun para kumita ng mabilis?? hmm...

geri a.k.a. raredog said...

I've got an invite from them also (the hilt) kaso ngayon ko lang naalala hehe. nagpunta ka ba?

Anonymous said...

I, too, signed up with Nuffnang. Sayang din eh. He he.

rgapeli said...


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LJDiaz said...

Congrats sa my friend! We won!! the chosen 68!

Joedel said...

Congrats to all chosen winners! :)(Including me)Hehe...

ice said...


Nice blog btw.

Me, the islands and the world said...

congrats for being one of the 68 nuffnang winners:)

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