Baby Stabilo Boss

Since it was raining cats and dogs last night, I had a strong feeling that the UST area was again soaked under deep waters due to the continuously pouring rain.

Since I brought my Medicine notes with me just in case I was really in the mood to study plus a rumor that reached my cellphone that it's flooded already near the apartment, I decided to not go back yet.

My clean uniforms are all in here. The problem was, I had no shoes to wear the following morning and my nameplate's in the apartment. So I checked my old shoe boxes and found my old black shoes I used to wear during my internship days as a medtech; it still looks like in good condition, it's just that it's covered with dirt and I am not pretty sure if it's going to stay whole and okay upon usage for the rest of the day. Shoes are not as durable as you think they are and it's been hidden in my closet for almost 4 years that a slight maceration or manipulation might pave way to its overall destruction.

Good thing, it didn't break into pieces when I tried it on.

Part of our study rituals as medical students is the use of reliable highlighting markers. Since I only brought here my reading materials and not my whole study desk, I lack paraps to suit my study needs.

So I borrowed some of my brother's markers. After a few moment, he took them away. I can't complain cos they're his and he also needs to study.


I went downstairs and checked some of my little cousins school stuff and found this orange Stabilo Boss Mini! Yey! It's actually my first time to see such kind! It's sooo cute! I don't even know where they got it. Ion't think it's available here in Pinas cos I haven't seen the same kind before!

If iPods have iPod Nanos, why not in Stabilo Markers? Here's Mommy Stabilo Boss and Baby Stabilo.

I think it's really cool! I mean it's very handy dandy, it fits into every pocket! I am not a big fan of orange markers. I usually use yellow and green but this little creature made me want to love orange, hahaha.

Another good thing about it is that a collection of these Mini markers will not make our purse bulky. I have a blue, an orange, 2 green and 3 yellow markers! Can you imagine them all fitting in a pencil purse? It's indeed too bulky and heavy.

Owell, it's a brilliant idea that they created this version. I mean everything's turning into micro-stuff, so they might as well go with the fad right?

I brought it in school today and everyone's kept asking where did I get it. Some were even envious. Hahaha... Owell, I didn't knoe, how would I knoe? I just said that I found it in the house.

I probably should ask my cousins where they bought it. Cos I badly need Mini yellows and greens as well. Pft!

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spanx said...

my favorite blog post of the day!

i heart stabilo!!!!

Anonymous said...

ang stabilo, bow...nice info. more minis please...:)

Anonymous said...

ang stabilo, bow...nice info. more minis please...:)

Anonymous said...

I'm a stabilo freak myself. My books in college, my training manuals at work and my to-do-list journals were full of their markings. My fave was the neon green one, but I also use other colors for coding purposes. He he.

That's a great invention!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words you have for the BABY STABILO BOSS. The cute and sexy Stabilo Boss MINIS are available in NBS, SM and other bookstores.Wish I could share with you the special edition of BOSS MINI with cute print designs.

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