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As we all know, Christmas is already apparent. Right? Look! We're in the "ber" month now and I can hear Christmas songs being played already over the radio. Unfortunately, a lot of poor people will again not be able celebrate Christmas for they are deprived even of their basic needs.

Let's give them the opportunity to experience Christmas the way we do. A friend of mine, asked for my help in promoting The Batang Squatter Project which is a Christmas sharing project to spread love and gifts this coming Christmas. Here's to quote a part of the e-mail:

The project Batang Squatter took off last December 2003 when the Dominion Church , a Christian sector, welcomed us to participate in the Christmas program they had organized for the children in Munoz market. The grateful smiles on the faces of these children we barely knew confirmed the joy that we felt in our hearts that indeed sharing is a blessing.  When one person gives, it is not just to the one who receives who benefit but also the one who gives selflessly to make someone happy.

The Spirit goes where the wind blows and touches people’s hearts. And as the cliché goes: the rest is history.

From 2004 we have been bringing joy on Christmas Day to children and their families living outside the walls of Pilar Village in Las Pinas. We do this by distributing bags of goodies, raffle prizes, and providing them with snacks.  Thanks to the continued generosity of our patrons who, much like the seed of kindness, have been growing in numbers through the years.

Here's what happened last year:

This year, we are asking for you help to make everyone's Christmas very happy, not just in our own grounds but also to those less fortunate kids and individuals, in order for them to experience Christmas the same way we do. This year The Batang Squatter is hoping to share the blessings with 1,000 children. They will give bags which will consist of essential food items such as rice, canned goods and noodles.

The Batang Squatter project is now accepting cash donations until November 15. They can also arrange to pick up non-perishable goods within Manila and Cavite areas not later December 15.

If you are interested in sharing what you have this Christmas, and I know you are... you can e-mail me so that I can give you the details in sending money or in sending goods. Or if you have questions, just e-mail me or better yet, leave it as a comment.

e-mail me here:

On behalf of The Batang Squatter Project, we thank you for sharing with us your blessings.

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see, madame pa din mabubuting tao everywhere.. goodluck sa inyong good deed. GodBless!

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