Do you know Emily Strange?

logo-56 The girl behind the Victoria Court logo... Familiar? Come on!

Why did they use a 13 years old girl sporting a long black hair with bangs, wearing a big white Mary Jane shoes, a short black dress and a pair of stockings? Can't they just find a more appropriate logo?

Except that of course they modified her in the motel logo and she's already striking a "hush" pose. Meaning? Well, you decide what.

Actually, I was trying to recall her name when I told a friend that the famous or hmmm... let me say infamous motel's logo was actually based from her.

Now I remember, she's Emily Strange!


...It's so Emily... So strange. Why use a 13 year old fictional counterculture character?

Owell, just a thought...

I bet this will be my only entry for this week! Gawd! Dr. toot-toot is making my (actually our group's) life soooo miserable. She's a great facilitator but she's so Me-Myself-and-I! She wants this, she wants that. Our presentation's been edited and revised for like a hundred million times already, yet she's not so satisfied instead wanting more revisions. She wants it to be presented her way and not ours. How can we be comfortable about it then? I know it has flaws, we know our case presentations not very perfect, but can't we make it on our own where we are most comfortable? I know it would be expressed and discussed well if we'll do it on our own way. All we need is her guidance but it seems like she wants it to be discussed like she will be the one discussing it or something. This is so not good. I don't feel like doing this after hearing all the revisions she wanted. I've set my mind to report it in class with a flow. And for me, everything's back to zero. This sucks!

I am soooo intoxicated... I hope everything will go smoothly on Monday, then after that... if everything fails, you can shoot me.

Wish us luck!

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wanderingcommuter said...

probably because its the basic point of being deviant: sex, pedophilia, taboo etc. etc. hehehe.

my-so-called-Quest said...

consultant ba ung si dr. toot-toot?
don't you just love consultants? ahehehhe

sana hindi tayo maging tulad nila.

mnel said...

i didn't know about emily strange and the victoria court logo being one and the same. =)

hi doc!

Chyng said...

so how did you know this? i remmber asking a staff in Starbuck West Ave what their logo means. Kung anu-ano sinabe. He just answered sana na di nia alam. I'll understand naman, (but i'll laugh ng konti of cors!)

Camille said...

ei dali na u should blog bout dexter. hehhe.. mr trivia ka talaga! :)

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