Medicine Week 2008 Part 1

Since I was too busy like a bee, I almost forgot t'was actually med week! Gawd! What is wrong with me?! The first day, was of course the opening day. The med student council offered free ice creams to the first 500 med students who came in early. I am not usually an early bird but since that Monday morning was the report day I was anxiously anticipating, I must be in school very early and I think I was already in the plenary by 6.30, thus acquiring a free stub for the free ice cream! Yey!

Before I talk further about med week, let me share first what happened during our case presentation. The report was okay, not until it came to my part wherein I discussed the patient's course in the ward. The patient's course in the ward simply shows the resident's approach in treating the patient. Of course there were a lot of questionable moves and procedures done so I was kind of stuck into covering up the resident's mistakes. There were a lot of questions that I and as well as my group never anticipated. But then with the help of Dr. toot-toot, she kind of like gave us hints to the answers, so it wasn't really that bad cos we were still able to answer the questions, reasonably.

I'm happy it's finally over! Unluckily, two weeks of unrelenting preparation for the presentation failed me twice in Medicine in a row. It would have been better if I only failed a single point per quiz, but no! I failed big time. Owell, enough! After all, I had my free ice cream!

My favorite second day event?


It was my favorite that I made sure I have it all covered.

I didn't join, but I was there to cheer for my classmates! Unfortunately, they were beaten by some deprived second years. Boohoo! Owell, those second year students were too hungry for BALOT!

Ok... so can you do this? Are these people even medical students? Balot? 5 balots? Hypertension guys? Ring a bell?

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tagabukid said...

from ice-cream to balot? ka-aliw tingnan ang video haha... looks like everyone is having a great time naman e kaya tabi muna hypertension and let the fun begin!

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