Sweet in the Box

Last night, I was in Serendra. Ate dinner at Zao, a Vietnamese restaurant because it was my friend's birthday celebration. But I am not going to talk about it nao. Dinner at Zao will be featured next time.

As usual, I was back home in the AM, maybe at around 2, I can't really remember. I wasn't drunk, I can't cos I hafta drive.

I bought and brought home some goodies... for my brother and for myself of course. What's in the bag? Make a guess.


It's edible, sweet, colorful and hmmm... quite pricey for a piece of pastry. But it's oh-so-good!


There you go. Yes, cupcakes that's worth my lunch for a day in school! Gawd!


The Lemon Drop Vanilla cupcake tumbled inside the box, probably while we were wandering around The Fort so the icing's left sticking inside the box. And the Mint Condition Chocolate cupcake, still intact but a little melted.

I like the chocolate better, and the mint icing's amazing. It felt like munching a chocolate cake while brushing your teeth. Hahaha... yummy... but it sounds gross right?

Just an advice, when you eat these cute little cupcakes, don't eat the icing separately, first or last, cos it's too sweet to handle, unless you are an ant, but I knoe you are not. Eat each cake slowly, with a 50-50 proportion of the cake and the icing. Upon doing so, gawd! Ultimate Experience. Indeed the best cupcake in the city. And if not, then you're wasting 70 bucks worth of cupcake. So just do it.

Visit the store:
Cupcakes by Sonja
Serendra Piazza, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Gawd, this is a free promotion, hah!

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Ely said...

sarap naman. nagutom tuloy ako.

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Sweet... So sweet... Lalo na kapag natikman ko 'yan for free.... :)

R-yo said...

you should get a free bagful of cupcakes for this promotion. :-)

ur_prince said...

Hi thanks for dropping a comment. Yep such a big mobile we have here hehe! Dacrocytes... probably nalimutan ko na hehe! pero hematology eh fave subject ko nung college.


my-so-called-Quest said...

sarap naman!
thanks dak. u know my kung san ako makocontact. hehhe. padala mo na lng sakin. gift ba? aheheheh

wanderingcommuter said...

waw!!! i was actually planning to buy one. saw it in tv, but the thing is hindi ako marunong pumunta ng serendra. hahaha

Jun said...

ooh, cupcakes! *melts* yeah i always find the icing too sweet :(

tagabukid said...

the night before i flew back here dumaan kami ng serendra after mag moa. kaso daming tao di na kami pumila hehe. but personally i find sonja's cupcakes too sweet. but that's just me. pero panalo sakin ang flourless choco cupcake sarap balik-balikan :D

you should also try the cupcakes at see's goodies at the podium.

Curbside Puppet said...

cupcakes by sonja are the best. especially kung galing sa ref. tchalap tchalap....

Camille said...

nagsisi talaga ko di ako bumili.. masarap yun choco cream pie.. hm.. makabalik nga

Chyng said...

hi dak!

hhhmmm, im not a fan of sweet but those cupcakes look nice and yummy! hehe

dba meron dim sa Serendra yung Mary GRace CAfe, i love it there! ;)

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