What I get in Return!

Remember my entry about my wallet that I left inside the cab? It happened like a few days after I arrived from a long vacation, still in jet lag.

I was sooo depressed during those times. I lost like 4 thousand bucks and several cards like driver's license, PRC ID, ATM Card and some more important cards! Not to mention, the wallet was brand new! I bought it when I was in the US in match with my passport jacket. It was a Kenneth Cole wallet.

Two months had passed, I received a package from my lovely cousin in the US. I actually told her I lost my wallet during the peak of my depression. Hahaha...  I wasn't actually really depressed, I was just saddened a little. She said she'll check the store if the particular design is still available and she'll buy me a new one.

Owell, okay, I wasn't sure if she just said that to brighten my mood a little or she's actually serious.

I was shocked to see this today!

Tada! I easily remembered this hard shell container! I can only imagine what's inside of it now...

I opened it slowly...


Woah! Yes! It's the same kind! Yey!

My cousin practically knoes what I really want and I am glad that she remembered the exact design! I think they also have a brown color but I like the black one better.

The problem now is that, what would I be putting inside?

My driver's license is still the temporary easy-to-rip printout, I haven't applied yet for a new PRC ID, my ATM account is still frozen and the card not yet replaced. Other cards aren't yet renewed and acquired. Hmmm...

Patience is the virtue...

...but not of my...

Well, I think I should keep this wallet first and just use it on special occasions, Or! When I am a little deranged to use it, Or! When I already gathered all my cards... And that would be... I dunno... When I already have the time to update everything.

Ok! G'night earthlings! I need to go back to the apartment pronto!

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philos said...

Hey! Good for you! Now if those 4K will magically come back, that would be something now wouldn't it?

my-so-called-Quest said...

wow. we have the same wallet!
weird as it may sound but i love the smell of new wallet. esp Kenneth cole! hehe

Anonymous said...

Nice wallet, though I don't really use one. I just carry a card case and bind my money with a money clip. Has worked for me for years, haven't lost them yet (knock on wood).

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