I want to be Free

I was watching Breakfast at Tiffany's a while ago...

Paul Varjak: I love you.
Holly Golightly: So what.
Paul Varjak: So what? So plenty! I love you, you belong to me!
Holly Golightly: [tearfully] No. People don't belong to people.
Paul Varjak: Of course they do!
Holly Golightly: I'll never let ANYBODY put me in a cage.
Paul Varjak: I don't want to put you in a cage, I want to love you!

[now insert the Moon River song]

This life is sooo rich and full of fun! And I am living life as it is. A lot of people say that it's nice to be single because you're free. Living life with the assortments of freedom; from responsibilities, time, etc; you can do a lot of things with your own limitations and enjoy life on your own. When you commit yourself to someone, there's this notion that you are already letting yourself attached and your life depends on how that person "dictates" your life. It's like that person narrows your horizon and puts you in a cage and controls your every movement.

However, this movie made me realize that loving another person is not letting that person put us in a cage. It's been a while since my last romantic relationship and I think I am just afraid of taking another shot. I am like Holly,

I am chicken, I've got no guts. I am afraid to stick out my chin and say, "Okay, life's a fact, people do fall in love, people do belong to each other, because that's the only chance anybody's got for real happiness." I call myself a free spirit, a "wild thing," and I am terrified somebody's gonna stick me in a cage. Well I am already in a cage. I built it myself. And it's not bounded in the places I've been to. It's wherever I go. Because no matter where I run, I just end up running into myself.

I got no name, like Holly's cat. A poor slob without a name. I don't know myself.

Thanks Truman Capote and Blake Edwards, and to the casts for this charming movie who tickled my heart, filled it with emotions and opened up greater thoughts and possibilities.

My lappie is confused

Not really...

It's just me. Hahaha...

I just bought the Globe Visibility Prepaid Kit a few days ago so that there will be no more detachment issues in the new apt. <hahaha, making it such a big deal!> So far, it's working so good. I'll let you knoe if this little thingie will piss me off! It's location dependent so areas especially in the boondocks where there's no 3G or HSDPA signals will just give you a GPRS speed of 56Kbph. It's sad cos it means, it's like using the jurassic dial-up modem.


It's also cheap. How cheap? 5 Pinoy bucks per 15 minutes. That's what the box and the flyers say. But to simplify, it's 20 P-bucks an hour. It's not unlimited cos it's prepaid but it will be a good thing so that I will not be hooked all day in the apt just surfing the net when I should actually be studying. Right?

And also, my laptop can work as a cellular phone. Cool huh? I can send and receive SMS via it. hmmm... what else? Oh, it can work as an USB flashdrive as well! Hmmm... okay so what, right? What's the point?

So lappie will be spending time with Globe Visibility on weekdays, and to the more aggressive LAN connection on weekends.


Yipee! Nao everyone's happy!

Vintage Movies

Before sembreak started I downloaded some movies. Next thing I knew, I was downloading classical movies. Some of them however were previously seen, I just want to watch 'em again. A lot of my friends laugh at my choices of movies. I like the movie "No Country for Old Men" and I hate "Good Luck Chuck". I love "Just Friends", not "Lord of the Rings".

I just can't like a movie if the crowd likes it. I think my taste with regards to choosing movies that I watch is not very specific or doesn't have a particular genre... or not also influenced by its popularity. I mainly watch a movie if it interests me.

So, here are the movies that's on my list this sembreak.




I have seen this movie twice. The first time, my cousin and I rented this film online. The second time was when my brother downloaded an iPod copy of this film. It was directed by Orson Welles which traces the life and career of Charles Foster Kane, a man whose career in the publishing world is born of idealistic social service, but gradually evolves into a ruthless pursuit of power. The film's narrated principally through flashbacks, the story is revealed through the research of a newspaper reporter seeking to solve the mystery of the newspaper magnate's dying word: "Rosebud."



Doctor Zhivago



My late grandmother loved this movie. This movie was based from Boris Pasternak's novel Doktor Zhivago. It was directed by David Lean. This is the first movie I saw that has an intermission in the middle. It is about a man torn between two women, set primarily against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent Russian Civil War of 1918-1920. More deeply, it discusses the plight of a man as the life that he has always known is dramatically torn apart by forces beyond his control.




Love Story (1970) - thumb



I've never seen this movie before but it was another movie shared by my late grandmother. It is a 1970 romantic drama film written by Erich Segal coordinated with his 1970 best-selling novel. It was directed by Arthur Hiller. The film, well-known as a tear-jerking tragedy, is considered one of the most romantic of all time, and was followed by a sequel, Oliver's Story in 1978.








I actually didn't know that this movie exists. I have a copy of the book but I just can't finish reading the whole thing. I don't know but I seriously have a hard time finishing the novel so when I found out it has a movie, I decided to just watch it. However, I still plan to finish the book, soon. It is a 1988 film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Milan Kundera. It was set in Prague in 1968 and details the lives of Tomas and his wife Teresa, his lover Sabina and Sabina's lover Franz in Czechoslovakia in the wake of the Prague Spring and the subsequent invasion by the USSR. It centers on the idea that existence is full of unbearable lightness, because each of us has only one life to live.

Sembreak Escape

I just woke up. I was sooo tired. I just took my last exam a while ago, my favorite subject, Pediatrics.

Not really. But I am doing pretty good in Pediatrics, it's just that it's really not my favorite. I am not even considering Pediatrics as my future spec.

A few hours from nao, I'll be meeting with friends cos we are running away. Remember the reservations we had a few months ago?

I'm packing some of my stuff and I don't knoe if I can give you a clue, a hint or an idea of where we are actually going through this picture:


I was thinking of bringing my laptop so that I can update my blog about this trip. But I came to realize that I should not. I must enjoy this trip and leave the extra activities behind cos I was anticipating this trip so badly; I need to unwind, refresh and temporarily escape from my usual self; the usual me as a medical student and as a blogger.

But I promise I will share the experience after 5 days or maybe a week(?). Too long e? Cos by the time I arrive back in here, I will then prepare myself to go back to Pangasinan cos it's been a long time since I was back in my hometown, due to my previous trip to the US. I miss my hometown and my Grannies.

Okay, bye for nao.

Hmmm... let's just say this is a HIATUS(?).

Recession? So?

I rarely watch the big N! And that's the NEWS! Or even listen to it... If I feel like I am already being dragged by what's currently happening around us then that's the only reason that I watch. And so a while ago, I felt like watching the news and everything I heard is all about this global crisis. Which I believe is so not YET happening. What is it all about?


Wall Street

No way... What recession? ROFL...

I can't feel the crisis! Well, that is so far... Look, everybody's still looking expensive... There are still a lot of people in the malls looking happy and pretty, not just window-shopping or making free use of the A/C. People still go to the malls to shop! Where is the crisis in that? Everyone's still living luxuriously and posing their oh-so-pricey iPhones and BMWs and gadgetry.

Speaking of iPhones, have you seen the latest MacBook? I can't get my eyes off it. I hafta visit the Apple homepage to watch the promo vid as frequently as possible, it's soooo uber sweet! It melts upon my stare... Crap! I can't just convince my parents to buy it nao for me, it's just too expensive and too impractical... I think... and cos I still love my HP.


Moving on, back to the topic. Goods are continuously rising but are we really affected? I don't think so... We are slowly embracing the fact that the economy's not going to rise in good heavens anymore. Have you ever heard in our local news that our economy went well and all up and green? Never.

I think the US is yeah, probably currently under recession but what the heck?! It's US of A! people! It's US of A! Their money can literally buy our country. What's the point of crying out loud because according to them they're under recession?! Puhleez! Stop the drama! Even if it's under recession, it's still in the first world... It will not turn into a 3rd world or even 4th like ours. Hahaha... Nao stop the crap! Your country is not getting any poorer than we are...

And I think the media's exaggerating it, making a big fuss out of it because there's no other juicer gossips available. They're just making people panic on their seats at home, to immediately rush into the nearest Shopwise, high-volume buying like there's no tomorrow.

So guys, enough talks about GDPs, inflations, Nasdaq and Dow Jones, etc. Aside from not so interesting... cos I am not really interested, I don't see the economy going down. Maybe because it's already down? Huh? See?

And just let the economists solve our economic difficulties, because it's their job... and it's their fault; they're responsible why the economy's going so low low low low low... Are we even making good economists in this country?

BTW, I was surprised when my cousin PJ sent me some of his photos from a recent photoshoot in Canada. I froze looking at one of his several photos that he shared to me.

Picture 005

I sported almost exactly the same thing during James' birthday party that happened sometime during, hmmm... I think last week. Hahaha, I easily forget dates soooo... But anyway, yeap, I should probably share my picture (if I actually had a nice one) when I get copies of last party's pictures. And maybe we can compare who wore it better, right?

[Raises white flag] Of course he did. LOL.

Do you knoe your beer poem?

How many years have you been drinking SanMig Light?

Did you knoe that its label has a poem behind? Not really a poem poem, not the usual poem that you receive from uhum, special people. Yihee! And mostly not a poem created by Edgar Allan Poe while drunk, silly! Besides, I don't think SanMig Light even existed during his period. But it's a poem between you and the beer. I dunno who created it... Some poetic SanMig employee perhaps? Or a SanMig Light addict who sent a poem to the company. I knew it by heart before, together with my high school buddies but nao, I can't recite it anymore. But I took a copy of it last Friday while in Pier 1.


Here's to reiterate, cos there's an undecipherable part,

You hold in your hands

the first light beer in the country.

And the only light beer you should have.

Expertly brewed by San Miguel,

with full beer flavor

and the right alcohol hit,

made less filling for your total drinking enjoyment.

The perfect balance between right and light.

Naks! There you go!

I remember, we used to recite this before we start drinking. Hahaha... Those were the days...


BTW, hi to my mom. She's reading my blog. I just found out last week. But she's not a regular so, it's unlikely she'll ever going to read my hi to her. One time, she just started mentioning about the cupcakes that I bought home one night. And I was like,

You are actually reading my blog?

What is "Gawd!" and why do you spell your know as "knoe"?

It's my style of writing... mom.

But isn't it weird that my mom actually reads my blog? It's really weird! Cos it's kind of like an invasion of privacy...

I hate myself...

Okay, this is the most embarrassing  post ever or... so far. I feel so disturbed. I still lack sleep but then I just can't sleep. My heart is pounding so hard, probably due to continuous release of epi that keeps flowing through my system.

Here's a confession.

Last night, I was in a party, a very fun party. I partied not finishing yet my Community Pediatrics paper. I came home late, wasted and languid. I told myself, I should wake up after 3 hours of sleep to finish the paper.

But no! It seems like I never heard the alarm screamed! I woke up at 10:30 and did you knoe what time is the deadline? 11. All I had was my scrap. I panicked, immediately jumped out of my bed and headed to my PC. I was so nervous. I am here in Quezon City and a trip from home to school would already take me an hour. The car is also color-coded today.

What should I do?!

Panic! Panic!

I checked my mail and there, a shared work of a friend who also happens to be a groupmate. Gawd, so at least I can just pattern my work to her work.

I was cramming like there's no tomorrow. Yes, there's no more tomorrow cos the deadline's like 30 minutes from the time I started doing the paper. Of course I didn't manage to finish everything out cos I was running out of time. Imagine, my mind's still in snooze and in panic all at the same time.  So here's what I did, since we have the same family that we interviewed, I almost just copied the family information portion from her paper. As in almost the same. You can really tell... in that very particular portion of the paper. I tried manipulating some words and revised some of the sentences but no, it didn't work!

I emailed my paper to a friend who lives near the campus and managed to submit it a little late from deadline.

And now, my conscience is haunting me. I copied a friend's work.

I knoe!

I am so dead!

I hate this feeling!

Medicine Week 2008 Part 2

My favorite events?

Medisine 2008


Who said medical students has no life? So not true... There are a lot of us who are not just smart but also talented and creative.

The Alpha Delta Mu Sorority, organizer of the yearly Medisine arranged another successful Medisine event this year at the Medicine auditorium. This year, 7 entries from different year levels competed with each other for the best cinematography, best screenplay, best poster, and of course best film.

Congratulations to Pasencia, Medskool Bukol, and Snel's Anatomy.

Related sites:
Joel McVie's Opinion
Medisine2008 site
Medisine2007 site

MedLive 2008

Who are these performers?!

medlive-39 medlive-43

They are our professors! Doc Bu Castro and Doc Tony Rebosa? Yes they are! They are not just doctors, not just lawyers, not just medical juris professors but also stage performers! You can catch them perform live together with their band @ Ratsky Tomas Morato, every first friday of the month.

Pictures were taken from Rhea's site.

Visit Rhea's Multiply to see more pictures from Medlive2008.

ATTP Palaro


Our team assembled a table in the Biochemistry lab. Free play for everyone! Dra Tiongson and Doc Bautista served as our preliminary players! Galing!



Shattered mug and laptops crashing

broken_mug A few days ago, our helper crushed my green mug given by an ex. The mug doesn't remind me of her anymore, it's already like one of our regular cups hanging on the iron stand. But I liked that cup so much it hurts, not just because it's green but also because of its size. It can contain my desired amount of coffee. Also, it's kinda wide mouthed so, the coffee gets warm easily.

*FYI, I fancy warm coffees. Not hot.

But then again, it broke, into several pieces... It was immediately reported to me by the crook and I just said,

It's ok.

And nao, I am blogging about it. What the heck!

Anyway, my friend's laptop went seriously loco for about 2 weeks nao. Oh but I think it's nao already dead, or better yet in coma. GCS* of 5. It's an HP laptop and it's one of the DV series. DV6 to be exact. I own a DV6 laptop model too, and I just found out that HP has identified a hardware issue with certain HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario V3000/V6000 series notebook PCs.

So not good! I checked the list of laptops affected by this issue and fortunately, DV6833us, the model that I use is not included. Yey! But still... I suggest, if you own an HP pav or compaq presar, visit THIS notice by HP, STAT**.


Here's the HPI*** of my friend's laptop. Your laptop might be experiencing the same signs and symptoms... at least you have an idea. And have it shipped back.

About a year ago, the laptop's wireless stopped working. The owner thought it's just a hardware problem. No consultation was done. There were no related S and S.

However, the symptom persisted until a week prior to consult, the laptop just stopped working. When the owner turns on the laptop, it would just restart on its own over and over and over again.

Opportunely, another friend's brother who works to service broken laptops in the US is here, hence consultation. Gave a diagnosis of "hardware issue" and was advised to have it repaired for free as long as it's a <2-year old laptop. How cool is that?!

Other related symptoms are as follows:

The following symptoms apply to Pavilion dv2000 and Presario v3000 notebooks:

  • The notebook does not detect wireless networks and the wireless adapter is not detected in the Device Manager.

  • There is no video on the computer LCD panel or external monitor.

The following symptoms apply to the dv6000, dv9000 and v6000 series notebooks:

  • The notebook does not detect wireless networks and the wireless adapter is not detected in the Device Manager.

  • There is no video on the computer LCD panel or external monitor.

  • The notebook has no power and no active LEDs.

  • The notebook does not start.

  • The battery charge indicator light does not turn on when the battery is installed and the AC adapter is connected.

  • The notebook issues a single beep during boot indicating no power.

  • The external monitor functions but there is no image on the notebook LCD panel.

Familiar symptoms? Then go to THIS website.

*GCS - Glasgow Coma Score
**STAT - Short Term Assessment and Treatment
***HPI - History of Present Illness

I Can Only Imagine

First heard of this song in church. Then my brother kept on playing it in his room. Next thing I knew, I was listening to it in his iPod. Earlier today, I saw a video via YouTube, Wynonna Jude's version. I love it, especially the message of this song.

It's a song by MercyMe, a Grammy Award-nominated and Dove Award winning American contemporary Christian band, originally formed in Greenville, Texas in 1994.


I can only imagine
What it will be like
When I walk
By your side

I can only imagine
What my eyes will see
When your face
Is before me
I can only imagine

I can only imagine

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine
I can only imagine
When that day comes
And I find myself
Standing in the Son

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever
Forever worship You
I can only imagine

I can only imagine