Do you knoe your beer poem?

How many years have you been drinking SanMig Light?

Did you knoe that its label has a poem behind? Not really a poem poem, not the usual poem that you receive from uhum, special people. Yihee! And mostly not a poem created by Edgar Allan Poe while drunk, silly! Besides, I don't think SanMig Light even existed during his period. But it's a poem between you and the beer. I dunno who created it... Some poetic SanMig employee perhaps? Or a SanMig Light addict who sent a poem to the company. I knew it by heart before, together with my high school buddies but nao, I can't recite it anymore. But I took a copy of it last Friday while in Pier 1.


Here's to reiterate, cos there's an undecipherable part,

You hold in your hands

the first light beer in the country.

And the only light beer you should have.

Expertly brewed by San Miguel,

with full beer flavor

and the right alcohol hit,

made less filling for your total drinking enjoyment.

The perfect balance between right and light.

Naks! There you go!

I remember, we used to recite this before we start drinking. Hahaha... Those were the days...


BTW, hi to my mom. She's reading my blog. I just found out last week. But she's not a regular so, it's unlikely she'll ever going to read my hi to her. One time, she just started mentioning about the cupcakes that I bought home one night. And I was like,

You are actually reading my blog?

What is "Gawd!" and why do you spell your know as "knoe"?

It's my style of writing... mom.

But isn't it weird that my mom actually reads my blog? It's really weird! Cos it's kind of like an invasion of privacy...

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RONeiluke, RN said...

really? you recite the poem before a session? cool! :) makagawa nga! hehehe!

yeah! it's really weird! hehehe! if my mom reads my blogs hindi ko na alam hehehe! but it looks like you have an open relationship with your mom... cool! :)

peace out!

patty said...

Hey Kuya James. Haha. I really like the way you write! hehe. see you soon! :)

RONeiluke, RN said...

aehehe! natutuwa kasi ako sa mga sinusulat mo, plus you're a med student.. heehe!

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha.alam mo bang may nakaframe akong ganito...nyahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

sa san mig light hehe.

ced said...

hello tita!

Anonymous said...

I knew that poem too but now, I don't bother. Basta inom na lang ng inom!

tagabukid said...

lahat naman naging poetic paglasing na e hehehe.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

red wine over beer anytime


Chyng said...

ah, may ganito pala.. a poem!
btw, my parents are actually visiting my blog too! minsan nga sila topic ko.. ;)

and suddenly everyone's good in english when tipsy! haha

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