Recession? So?

I rarely watch the big N! And that's the NEWS! Or even listen to it... If I feel like I am already being dragged by what's currently happening around us then that's the only reason that I watch. And so a while ago, I felt like watching the news and everything I heard is all about this global crisis. Which I believe is so not YET happening. What is it all about?


Wall Street

No way... What recession? ROFL...

I can't feel the crisis! Well, that is so far... Look, everybody's still looking expensive... There are still a lot of people in the malls looking happy and pretty, not just window-shopping or making free use of the A/C. People still go to the malls to shop! Where is the crisis in that? Everyone's still living luxuriously and posing their oh-so-pricey iPhones and BMWs and gadgetry.

Speaking of iPhones, have you seen the latest MacBook? I can't get my eyes off it. I hafta visit the Apple homepage to watch the promo vid as frequently as possible, it's soooo uber sweet! It melts upon my stare... Crap! I can't just convince my parents to buy it nao for me, it's just too expensive and too impractical... I think... and cos I still love my HP.


Moving on, back to the topic. Goods are continuously rising but are we really affected? I don't think so... We are slowly embracing the fact that the economy's not going to rise in good heavens anymore. Have you ever heard in our local news that our economy went well and all up and green? Never.

I think the US is yeah, probably currently under recession but what the heck?! It's US of A! people! It's US of A! Their money can literally buy our country. What's the point of crying out loud because according to them they're under recession?! Puhleez! Stop the drama! Even if it's under recession, it's still in the first world... It will not turn into a 3rd world or even 4th like ours. Hahaha... Nao stop the crap! Your country is not getting any poorer than we are...

And I think the media's exaggerating it, making a big fuss out of it because there's no other juicer gossips available. They're just making people panic on their seats at home, to immediately rush into the nearest Shopwise, high-volume buying like there's no tomorrow.

So guys, enough talks about GDPs, inflations, Nasdaq and Dow Jones, etc. Aside from not so interesting... cos I am not really interested, I don't see the economy going down. Maybe because it's already down? Huh? See?

And just let the economists solve our economic difficulties, because it's their job... and it's their fault; they're responsible why the economy's going so low low low low low... Are we even making good economists in this country?

BTW, I was surprised when my cousin PJ sent me some of his photos from a recent photoshoot in Canada. I froze looking at one of his several photos that he shared to me.

Picture 005

I sported almost exactly the same thing during James' birthday party that happened sometime during, hmmm... I think last week. Hahaha, I easily forget dates soooo... But anyway, yeap, I should probably share my picture (if I actually had a nice one) when I get copies of last party's pictures. And maybe we can compare who wore it better, right?

[Raises white flag] Of course he did. LOL.

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