Sembreak Escape

I just woke up. I was sooo tired. I just took my last exam a while ago, my favorite subject, Pediatrics.

Not really. But I am doing pretty good in Pediatrics, it's just that it's really not my favorite. I am not even considering Pediatrics as my future spec.

A few hours from nao, I'll be meeting with friends cos we are running away. Remember the reservations we had a few months ago?

I'm packing some of my stuff and I don't knoe if I can give you a clue, a hint or an idea of where we are actually going through this picture:


I was thinking of bringing my laptop so that I can update my blog about this trip. But I came to realize that I should not. I must enjoy this trip and leave the extra activities behind cos I was anticipating this trip so badly; I need to unwind, refresh and temporarily escape from my usual self; the usual me as a medical student and as a blogger.

But I promise I will share the experience after 5 days or maybe a week(?). Too long e? Cos by the time I arrive back in here, I will then prepare myself to go back to Pangasinan cos it's been a long time since I was back in my hometown, due to my previous trip to the US. I miss my hometown and my Grannies.

Okay, bye for nao.

Hmmm... let's just say this is a HIATUS(?).

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Jeff Caseja said...
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Jun said...

paeds is not my cup of tea too :(

and why do u guys have so many sem breaks!!! *Grr*

Chyng said...

wow sarap nian. perfect after super long exams! ;)


Anonymous said...

San punta mo? Most probably to the beach, that's where most go on their sembreaks.

RONeiluke, RN said...

kelangan mo din magchilax. at napakasarap magrelax immediately after a grueling exam. hehe! not a fan of pediatrics. surgery pwede pa. hehe! so anong gusto mong specialty? cardio-thoracic like cristina yang? hehehe!

have a nice trip :)

wanderingcommuter said...

just had mine... hehehe. i hope you enjoy yours too!!!

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