Chris Brown & Rihanna back-to back concert

I texted my ninang G a few days prior to the concert if I can actually avail free tix from her knowing that she works on MTV.

Hi James, to date I still don't have good news for the tickets. Just standby, I might have them on Sunday.

Okay, thanks, I am crossing my fingers...

Okay, keep on crossing...

While I was in ULTRA for the APMC Palarong Medicine, I received a text message from her.

James, you and your brother can already standby the venue at 5PM. I have 2 tickets for you...

Haha. It was soooo great! I didn't have to pay 3 thousand bucks for a Gold ticket. ROFL. So I brought along with me my brother. I literally asked her to at least give me 2 tickets cos I don't want to go there alone, cos that would be pathetic right?

When she said we should be in the venue by 5PM, I panicked cos our games aren't finished yet! So I excused myself to my team and told them that I am watching the concert so I should leave early. Luckily, they were understanding. Hahaha... Or maybe I just assumed that they really understood and were considerate. ROFL.

Are we required to be there by 5PM? Cos I am nao in ULTRA for Palarong Medicine and our event's not yet finished. We'll probably be late.

So I rushed myself back home to change clothes.

The traffic wasn't very heavy going to The Fort, however all the parking lots were almost already occupied by the time we arrived and a lot of vehicles are rushing like there's no tomorrow. By 6, my brother and I are already walking our way to the event. We still have to meet my ninang to get the tix.

So we're already inside the concert field by 6.30. I knoe right? The concert starts at 8. So we were already there standing inside, doing nothing but to observe people. Here's what I noticed, when we were still walking our way to the "Gold" entrance, I observed that there's this transition of the type of people in the show. The cheapest ticket's "Bronze" and the most expensive and closest to the stage is the "Platinum". From the Bronze entrance to the Platinum, a transition of people from the third class to the higher or first class is very noticeable. Owell, just an observation.

DSC00331 DSC00326

The show started at exactly 8 and Chris Brown came out to the tune of Kiss Kiss. Owell, he really dances very well and he amazes me especially when he did a Michael Jackson medley. His stage was staggering! It has 3 wide screens that show amazing displays and background scenes that are syncing with his songs and performances. Of course I was screaming like a mad man when the popular intro of his Forever came thumping in the entire field, then everyone started dancing like it was the biggest club!

After an hour and a half of continuous performance, Chris Brown said his goodbye without encore. Fireworks diverted the attention of the crowd while the crews were actually changing the stage for Rihanna. Big time eryt?

DSC00351 DSC00344

Rihanna came out lifted to the top into the tune of Disturbia wearing just an underwear. Hahaha... Of course it wasn't an underwear but it's close to that. The crowd was more ecstatic at this time, despite already being very tired for standing like forever. There were a lot of her songs I didn't knoe. But all of them were cool. Her back-up dancers and singers were also very good. The voicing was awesomely done especially when she sang the Unfaithful and Take a Bow.

Her last song was Umbrella when all of a sudden a lot of people from the crowd opened their umbrellas and started swaying them left and right. In the middle of the song, Chris Brown came out which made the crowd even more excited and noisy.

Everyone was pleased, including me. I really enjoyed the concert. It was totally the concert of the year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my ninang G for the free tix. I really had fun despite my 7AM class the following day. ROFL.


More pics HERE!

4 remark(s):

Harmony said...

Umbrella ella eh eh ~

Chyng said...

Ay dak, tagal mo nawala.

Asan na yung Bohol Cebu trip? Kwento mo na please. Nkapackage kayo?

my-so-called-Quest said...

aba! di ka nagyaya! ahehe
wow ang pic ni harmony! ahiii

Rolly said...

I watched her concert here in Birmingham, England last March. She's pretty good.

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