Give me Five part1

Finally! I have "enough" time to write about our escapade last sembreak. This is just a 5-minute post of our 5-day trip so bear with me cutting the story into several pieces... This is the first part, so just wait for the rest, that is if you are still interested... ROFL.

The trip ended like a snap. It was a 5-day visit to the islands of Cebu and Bohol. Woot woot!

yellow cab 
Night before the flight at Yellow Cab, People's Support. Lost Carlos wasn't able to come with us cos he has other plans with old friends so he decided to hang out with us first before we left Manila. (top: the Author. bottom L-R: Abet, Carlos, Cams)

Friday night after our exam in Pediatrics, we headed to James' turf in Makati to wait for our Cebu Pacific flight to Cebu very early the following day. We were too excited cos many of us are going to Cebu for the very first time and we'll be using the new NAIA terminal. From the looks of it, I think the NAIA Terminal 3 was patterned from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. It's modern but they should have patterned it to a more updated style, trend and architecture of newly constructed airports like the Changi of Singapore or least the Metro Wayne Airport in Detroit because O'Hare airport is by the way an already old airport. Boohoo!

NAIA 3. While waiting in the boarding area. Flight delayed... Boohoo! (L-R) the Author, Melds, Hanna, James, Cams.

There are still a lot of empty spaces to be occupied by commercial establishments, "okay" restrooms, long carousels, functional conveyors, comfortable A/C temp and luckily none of us were hurt due to falling airport structures. Hehehe...

And the Cueshe Band was with us, same flight to Cebu. But we're too shy to ask for pictures. Hahaha. I knoe! We were like retards loudly arguing who would approach them and ask for a picture, like it's not obvious at all... But it was! Owell, so what, right? It doesn't matter, unless it's Chris Brown and Rihanna. But Abet took some click-click-clicks as evidences.

Those are the members of the Cueshe band, right thurr... I don't knoe their names but yes they are them.

The Cebu Pacific flight, as the usual complaint of passengers was delayed for about an hour. Although the plane looks new and there were no technical difficulties that happened ante, intra and post-flight, and we were not really in a hurry, so it was just okay.

Trying to sleep. (R-L) the Author, Cams, Hanna, James, Melds.

First stop was Cebu. We stayed there for two nights. The city was pretty much the same as Manila, the only difference is that there are a lot of people who cannot speak Tagalog instead purely the native Bisaya dialect and high-rise buildings are not much rampant and popular. Jhae, a newly found friend in Cebu told me that I'd rather talk to Cebuanos in English because they're more fluent in English than Tagalog.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport

We left Manila at 6 in the morning so by 7 we were already in Cebu, famished hungry. We ate at Breakfast Club which specializes of course apparently on breakfast meals! From Pancakes to Tocino to Corned Beef. They have it ready to be served. After the yummy breakfast, we headed to Jhae's apartment to leave some of our stuff cos we are going to the beach via a bus. Yeah, we commuted using an ordinary bus!

Breakfast Club, IT Park, Cebu City

A 4-hour bus ride led us to the barrio of Moal-Boal where gorgeous beach resorts hive. The language barrier is more apparent in there. Luckily we have some friends despite not residents of Cebu, are able to speak the dialect. Impressive e?

IMG_5993 IMG_5999

Club Serena Resort gave us the bestest experience ever. Their rooms are so comfortable, homey and affordable. The beachfront anchors white sand and crystal clear and not so undulating water. But if you don't fancy the beach so much, they have a medium-sized, depth variable pool that is ready and fully functional 24 hours. Cool right? They have spas, relaxing cabanas, resto, bar, swings, volleyball court(?) and other amenities that can help you relax and escape from your usual activities.

IMG_6065 IMG_6071
IMG_6189 IMG_3664

The following day, we went back to Cebu City to experience the city life. We checked in at Pensionne La Florentina which offers an uber affordable, comfortable and clean rooms. It is very accessible to a lot of establishments and it's just a short walk from Ayala Center! I think around 5-minute walk...

Since our hotel is very near the Ayala Center, of course we visited the Ayala Center Mall and the IT Park which is like the Bonifacio High Street of Cebu. We met our friends' friends there which was hell of a lot of fun. We ate dinner at Mooon which is a very nice resto, overall; good food, nice interiors, nice ambiance, good food! The queue outside was loooong, it simply shows how popular the diner is. Fortunately, the people we're about to meet already made reservations so we're off the line and headed straight inside. The cuisine was superb! Scrumptious! Of course they knoe where's the best, right? Right, cos in the end, our plates were all empty.


La Marea offers dessert stuffs. They serve an assortment of all the desserts you can imagine. From sweet coffees to cookies to trifle to cakes to pies, oh a lot! La Marea, according to Jhae is a Spanish term meaning "The Tide", but I don't know how it became related to desserts... ???


For 2 days, I fell in love with Cebu. Now there's the consideration of taking up my internship there. I knoe that the problem would be language barrier. How would I possibly get the patients' medical history if a cannot be able to fully express myself in Cebuano? English was a suggestion but I knoe not everyone in Cebu also knoes how to speak English or rather use it fluently. Owell, I may not take my internship there but I will surely go back and have another visit! Cebu is very big hah!

to be continued...


More pictures by clicking: NAIA3, Flight to Cebu, Breakfast Club, Club Serena, Ayala Center Cebu

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悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow..ang saya no naman! ang sarap magrelax afer ng gruelling exams! ehehehe!

ps: i love the chocolate truffle! yum yum!

tagabukid said...

now the overdue kwento hehe. naglaway (as in drooling) ako sa dessert, i dig anything blueberry, did you try the blueberry cream cheese trifle?

Anonymous said...

Hey when you get the opportunity, you should also visit the other singapore tourist attractions . What you have visited might have been good, but there are still a couple more attractions you can visit. The zoo, birdpark etc..

wanderingcommuter said...


kasalanan po bang maging inggitero? said...

I added your blog to

Bai, learning Cebuano is the easiest. The sentence structure is basically the same as tagalog's.

Ka nindot sa Cebu. (Cebuano)
Ang ganda ng Cebu. (Tagalog)

Just replace Ang with Ka. Ng with Sa.

In 6 months to one year, you could be fluent in Cebuano. Your accent may still be tagalog, since nasa 20s ka na. Adults cannot not easily adapt.

Anonymous said...

Must have been a wonderful experience. I've never been to Cebu but I plan to go there soon, more so now after I've your photos! (inggit)

Chyng said...

i'll wait for the entry of Panglao. Pls be more detailed ha!

(i saw the phots in multiply!)

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