Give Me Five part2

After the fun moments in Cebu, we're off to Bohol!

Ferry is the next best thing to airplanes, aside from being cheaper, the view during the whole ride's exceptional. We were even able to tour around the ferry by befriending the Kapitan. We were also able to observe flying fishes swimming along the currents created by the ferry which is sooo uber kewl! ROFL.

The ferry ride costs 220 bucks for the "Mabuhay" class. Cheap e?

We took the Jadestar Tres, left Pier 3 of Cebu then after an hour we're already in the port of Tubigon, Bohol. Tubigon is about an hour or two away from Bohol's capital, Tagbilaran. But according to my friend, there's also a ferry that go straight to Tagbilaran. We took the ferry to Tubigon cos it's nearer to the house where we stayed.

Port of Tubigon, all too excited to see the tarsiers.

After dropping our luggage, we immediately went to Loboc river. They're nao serving buffet dinner and river cruise at night. But it's more expensive than doing it during the day. It's probably because of the electricity they have to expend for the lights; they have to lit the entire sides of the river with assortment of colors. The buffet and cruise cost about 450 bucks. During the day, it's cheaper by a hundred bucks.

Floating Buffet! Love the food and the singing Manongs over there are Quality!

What's so good about the night cruise?

First, they said they serve more scrumptious cuisines at night. It's mainly Filipino delicacies of course, and everything's exceptional especially the Maja Blanca.

Second, everything's lighted. I think it's a new project by the Department of Tourism to light the entire river with different colors that ranges from green to purple. The Loboc church, the bridges, the trees, everything's very bright and colorful.

Third, it's not hot. Of course, day trips especially during lunch time involves patience and tolerance against the heat of the sun. The boat doesn't have an A/C but it's roof-topped so... but still...

And lastly, you can observe the fireflies. Unfortunately, none were found nor noticed during our trip.

You also don't have to worry about Dengue cos Aedes mosquitos don't bite at night.

The Loboc church lighted in its full glory.

During the cruise, there are several stops. However, the stop to see the Tarsiers is not available during the night. The only stop that we had were the Busay waterfalls wherein it marks that the floating restaurant cannot go any further, so here the boat stay for a while to look at the landscape, like the Maid of the Mist of Niagara Falls. Haha... ROFL.

Second Stop. The kubo and the trees and well-lit. Nice!

Second stop is this group of kids playing and singing their hearts out with some catchy and popular songs. You can even go jam or dance with them if you like, just like what we did. They will also encourage you to play ukulele which is so much fun.

Flushing Meadow Resort

We cannot resist not going for another beach experience, especially of course we're in Bohol. So the following day, we headed to Panglao Island and tried their white sand beaches. Flushing Meadows Resort was the choice, it's a big resort with complete facilities and expensive yet gorgeous cabanas however according to our friend there are equally the same and some better resorts in the the island, it's just that we found it first so we just decided to go there. The resort have a clean and an almost perfect beach front, also they cater a very nice pool overlooking the beach. Really nice!

The entrance fee was 400 pesos, but it's consumable so we spent our 400 bucks there by trying out their lunch, which I think was superb and yummy. Their fruit shakes are must try.


Next stop that day was in Bohol Bee Farm. It's not just pure fun in there but you will also learn a lot! The tour guide will let you try their different herbs that they have, picking it straight from the plant itself. I enjoyed the peppermint!

They also have cottages where tourists can stay, an indoor pool and a view to the beach in a cliff-like edifice. They have a resto that serves organic meals. Cool huh? And part of their menu is the flower salad composed of assorted flowers taken in the farm. And did you knoe that all the flowers that the bees land into are edible? That's what our tour guide said.

They also produce raffia. Hmmm...

What the hell is raffia?

Raffia is like sinamai it's just that it's not made of abaca but rather from a variety of palm or some sort of like that. It actually looks the same but sinamai is more popularly used so even if it's raffia, people refer to it as sinamai.

So nao you knoe...

Bohol Bee farm have a lot of products. From foods to plants to baskets, everything in there is natural and organic.

I'm busy looking at the bees...

Our next stop was to see the tarsiers. However, on our way, we passed by this old church, and it's not just old, it's the oldest in the Philippines. It's the Baclayon Church!


Tarsiers can be seen in Loboc, but since seeing these tiny creatures are prohibited or closed at night, the first visit to Loboc made us miss that opportunity. So before heading Carmen to see the popular hills, we dropped by Loboc again to see these cute primates.


They are sooooo fragile and sensitive. We were told to shut the flashes of our cameras before taking pictures. Also, handling them isn't allowed. However, I didn't kind of get why they let us hold them in the end.

According to experts, these tarsiers when brought to captivity will perform suicide. That's is why they aren't allowed to be pets and they're endangered.


We didn't knoe that the Chocolate Hills is located in a far flung area of Bohol. It's like going to Baguio. So when we got there, it's nearing sunset, fortunately so we were still able to have a glimpse of them, thousands of them.


Our last day in Bohol includes dolphin watching, island hopping, snorkeling and cave exploration. We were advised to be early if we want to see the dolphins. I think we were already in the sea at around 5:30 AM. Cos according to the them, dolphins are already gone when the sun is already up. Our patience was also tested cos you really have to wait for the dolphins to come out. They go in groups of twenty to thirty dolphins. Yes, there are a lot of them and they're soooo fast that you have to be very keen.

Beaches in Panglao island are really exceptional whether it is in another smaller island or in Panglao itself. The sand is uber while and fine, the water is so clean and clear, and the creatures beneath are abundant and fertile. The last time I went snorkeling was in Anilao, Batangas and I was already amazed by the closeness I can actually get with fishes and other sea creatures. I didn't regret trying it again in Panglao. I thought it would be just the same thinking it's just the same body of water and creatures however once I dipped my head beneath the ocean, I was mesmerized, it was my first time to see a school of fish and these fishes are the big ones like marlins. I dunno what they are but it was awesome watching them swim and go together. The reef was well protected and very fecund, it made me want to go deeper but I was only wearing a snorkeling equipment so... Owell... Next time...

The large underground caver of Hinagdanan cave.

Before leaving Bohol, we dropped by Hinagdanan cave which is also located in the island of Panglao. The entrance of the cave is narrow and steep that we were very careful going through it because the steps are slippery and we might injure our heads with the sharp edges of the stalactites. The large underground chamber has a pond, looking dark and scary. The water is ice-cold so we refused to swim.

I knoe! It smells right? If you want to bring home some of these, tell them to pack it well and that it will be taken inside the plane.

We returned back to Cebu for our flight back to Manila. However, since it was still too early to check in our luggage and we knoe that Cebu Pacific flights are always delayed, we roamed around the Cebu market first to buy pasalubongs like the famous danggit!


Also, we were able to drop by the Basilica and check out the Magellan's cross which is just right beside it. Nothing exceptional except that it's historical. ROFL.

The trip was uber tiring but since it was full of fun and I was with cool friends, it didn't matter. It was another incredible trip this year!


Pictures: Ferry ride, Loboc River, Flushing Meadows Resort, Bee Farm, Tarsiers, Chocolate Hills, Dolphin watching, Hinagdanan cave, Magellan's Cross, Trip back to Manila.

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eric said...

we will spend the holidays in Bohol from Dec. 24-28th. I hope we'll have fun like yours!

Chyng said...

Oohh, bago to ah. Everyone is advising na 10am to 4 best viewed ang river. Pero parang I have to agree with you na mas masarap pag gabi.

Pero how can you see the river nga?

dak said...

@chyng - what do you mean how can i see the river? The river is located somewhere along and before reaching the chocolate hills. if you're going with your lubby-dubby, i think it's more romantic if you'll go there at night, cos it's also a bit cold, pwede mg-hug. LOL.

sorry pala hindi ko nasagot YM mo, i was away.

croissantpark said...

It looked like you had an amazing time on Bohol. I never heard of it but will look into to find out more about Bohol. I really love dolphins and you seeing wild dolphins swimming around makes me want to go there. Nice blog post!!
God Bless,

Chyng said...

Uhm I mean, the river itself. Hindi ba attraction ang Loboc River? Food and cruise lang ba?

Parang I like it night nga!

Ang ganda ng blog mo, big help! Pero madame pa ko tanongs. Sa multiply nalang. winks*

Chyng said...

Uhm I mean, the river itself. Hindi ba attraction ang Loboc River? Food and cruise lang ba?

Parang I like it night nga!

Ang ganda ng blog mo, big help! Pero madame pa ko tanongs. Sa multiply nalang. winks*

Camille said...

wow nmn.. namiss ko tuloy magbakashon.. hehe

peanut said...

nice entry.. wanna go to this place!

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